The best affordable running headphones come in different price range depending on who is shopping. Practically, your budget for this piece of fitness gadget can hardly be the same with everyone else intending to buy fitness headphone today.

While it’s easy to buy the standard types and use for exercise routines, sensitive components like microphone and speaker cannot withstand the pressure of perspiration.

Choosing this option also makes the gadget prone to frustrating early damage. Note, this could make you to be coming to market frequently to buy running headphones online or from your location sporting goods vendor.

Why Buy Running Headphones?

Let me tell you the first things first. Clarifying and understanding the purpose (why) behind some life commitments make it possible to get maximum value from the act. Without such clarity, you may be tempted into ignoring it entirely. And that ensures you continue to miss out on the life changing outcome of making the commitment.

So let’s look at the benefits of buying fitness headphones and making use of one.

Learning On The Go

When it comes to buying the best affordable running headphones, what comes to most people’s mind is music. Yes, musical entertainment only.

However, the benefits of wired or wireless running headphones are not limited to entertainment only.

Interestingly, you can be learning on the go while you do your thing. But what kind of learning is possible while running? My answer – you can take a leap into career focused podcasts. Note here that learning and entertainment are two different things.

Let’s assume you do an average of 200 running hours in a year. Now imagine the difference between listing to the top experts in your career field vs leaving your brain to wander during these hours.

High Level Motivation

Based on common sense, if the level of motivation you have for running is very low you can hardly keep at it for as long as is necessary.

And without long sufficient commitment, the goal you have in mind will remain unaccomplished for a long time to come.

Inside the Scientific American magazine, Ferris Jabr wrote that ‘for some athletes and other people that run, job, cycle, lift weight or doing other forms of exercise – music is not superfluous. It is essential for peak performance and satisfying exercise experience’.

With music, you can change the experience from task to fun worth craving for in each passing day or week.

Increase Your Creative Power

In a study done by researchers at Radbound University in Netherlands and University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, it was found that ‘listening to happy, high arousal music facilitates more divergent creative thinking than mere silence’.

This is how you can leverage the suggestive and creative power of your subconscious brain. The interesting thing is that in most cases it happens effortlessly.

Seek for and arrange your favorite cool classics. And then watch the magic happen. Hint – I’m a witness to this kind of flow.

Best Affordable Running Headphones 2018

jabra sport pulse wireless headphones review#1: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Headphone

In 2014, this was one of the best wireless headphones with heart rate monitor that came to market. With this one, you may not need to buy fitness trackers separately for heart rate monitoring.

According to the manufacturers, you can control music and calls from the in-line control system. And it works with most android and iOS compatible fitness apps.

As at the time of this writing, the Jabra Sport Pulse price is between $130 and $160. You can find it on Amazon too.

#2: Bose SoundSport Wireless

For long stand Bose brand loyalists, here is one of the best quality running headphones with sweat resistance. In many ways, this is identical to Bose SoundSport Pulse which sells around $200. Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive, but belongs to the class with highest quality.

This one comes with a charger that’s fit your car DC adapter.

Besides normal use for exercise routines, you can as well use this fitness gadget in your laptop. If you have the need for microphone, that is also inclusive. Expect up to 6 hours battery life if you buy it.

#3: Jaybird X3 Headphone

jaybird x3 headphones reviewMulti sport functionality, sweat resistant and clean audio output – you get them all in this Jaybird X3 running headphone.

The special coating component also helps to protect it against sudden damage from rain.

A little bit ahead of other affordable wireless running headphones is the offer of 8 hours service life span before needing a charge. Jaybird X3 price as at the time of this writing is around $130 – $140.

#4: Jabra Elite Sport

Here is a fitness headphone so tiny that only your ears and brain knows you are wearing it. The Bluetooth feature makes for wireless connectivity with other apps and devices.

Through their integrated custom app, you get personalized working out coaching tips based on your data, including that of heart rate monitoring.

Where this falls short a little bit is the 3 hour battery life.

With the left side buttons you can easily change tracks and adjust volume as you like. Another not so great point here is that it’s really expensive at around $250 as the time of this writing. If you buy from Amazon, you are likely to get free same day shipping on Jabra Elite Sport.

#5: Plantronics Backbeat Fit

This is another of the best running headphones with 8 hours battery life.

Like many others in its category, it comes with water and sweat protective nano protective coating. The multi sports durability makes for easy use during biking, running and other outdoor workout exercises.

Taking into account the need for safety on the road or alertness during accidental occurrences, the plantronics backbeat fit wasn’t built to fit 100% tight in terms of the ear bud. As one user puts it ‘being able to hear the sound of approaching vehicle behind me while listing to music is very important’.

#6: Samsung Gear IconX

samsung gear iconx priceIf one of your most important preferences is a cord-free running headphone, here is another great option worth considering. Probably, you are already a Samsung brand loyalist. Assuming this is true, you can be sure that this one is compatible with related Samsung devices you use.

In terms of capacity, you get 4Gb music palyer with this fitness gadget.

As you may have expected, this offers only 3 – 4 hours music play time. I guess if you don’t run more than 4 hours in at a time, this wouldn’t bother you.

Among other use cases, you can as well answer phone calls with this device. It comes cheaper than most others at $89 or less. S


While there are many other options to choose from, the best affordable running headphones can be found here. And if you can afford the price range mentioned here so far, why wait? Quick question; have you ever noticed that all great achievers have one thing in common?

And that is regular exercise.

All of the benefits mentioned earlier await you when you make the purchase. And you know it’s true, staying fit can help you accomplish many other important goals in your life.

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A little commitment is all you need. And like Nike states in their brand slogan – just do it.