Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support 2018 Reviews

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

It is necessary for everyone to maintain safety of the ankles. All the players who love basketball game sacrifice as they out themselves in risks of getting ankle injuries and there is no gain without pain. However, use of right shoes can surprisingly help you by minimizing the risk related with the game. The inventions and modern technology has enabled the companies to create shoes that can remove your worries. You do not have to worry about jumping and landing while playing basketball because your ankles will stay safe because of the shoes. You only have to relax and engage actively in the game for competition and cooperation the teammates. Prior knowledge can help you a lot in getting the one that can prove best basketball shoes for ankle support for your feet.

However, considering a number of things is necessary for making a good choice as selecting the perfect pair of shoes is a challenging task and you must adhere with certain guidelines for buying the specific product that contain most of the features. You have to analyze which of the shoes’ benefits are for you. This means that you have to do an analysis and then select the one you need between a numbers of shoes. Let’s have a look on the features you should search in a particular product.

best basketball shoes for ankle support

It is very important to see the length of the shoes and then buy the shoes that are in perfect measurement of your feet. Not considering the step will lead to buying a narrow shoes or a pair with wide fit. If you do not want to regret then look whether the shoes are available or not in your size.

Basketball Shoes 
Now many people think that selecting any of the sneaker can performance needed for the game. However, it not the case as you only can have a good experience in the competition field when you wear basketball shoes. Take out the shoes with basketball playing style and makes you a fast performing all around player. Check the lightweight of the shoes and see whether it is giving you enough flexibility and support because you need these elements while playing. Shoes with moderate cushion prove very functional in the field.


Looking for a shoe that has the level of protection your ankle needs is another important point here. You can choose any high-top basketball shoe for getting the maximum amount of support for your ankle. It will help you get the comfortable experience that you want in the stressful game. If you want a less restrictive approach then you can buy a mid-top or other low-top basketball shoes.

Need of Player
Many time, we only see the design or the shoes that gives very cool look and makes you feel happy for the initial time in the court. However, it is not the right approach towards selecting the show as you must see your need of protection of ankle and then select the one with rubber or any other sole. The shoes must help you grip the surface and give you enough traction with its pattern. If you want to play outdoors then select shows of heavier sole.

Test the Shoe
In today’s world, while many of the companies claim to give you the best pair of product, there are very few who fulfill the promise. You must test the shoes in the store by wearing the sample and pressing the thumb in between the toes. The shoes providing the small space are the perfect match for the game. You also can take some running steps for further checking the flexibility of the shoes.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support Reviewed

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

People select their preferred highs or lows shoes, but they mostly look for a balanced shoe. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is the one that is designed for those who like simple and cool design of the shoes. It comes with following features that you can enjoy while wearing it.

  • It provides the right kind of support your ankle required while moving in the basketball court.
  • The authentic and simple look makes it fit for the basketball game.
  • It comes with stability and traction for giving you outstanding performance.
  • The design keep the feet locked and protected and give a comfortable and supportive environment to the feet.
  • The shoes are textile and synthetic with a rubber sole that creates flexibility on the surface.
  • The arch of the shoes’ shaft is measured in high-top.
  • The responsive cushioning and the Xeno upper gives more comfort for the feet reducing any kind of breakage.
  • The company has used updated lacing system and textile lining that reduces the pressure on the shoes’ laces.
  • Tinted TPU shoe wrap further boosts the shoes’ midsole and the full-length shoe energy-returning boost gives you proper life and jump.
  • The shoe is available in 8.5 M US with a variety of colors: black and white with verified purchase.
  • The ultra boost and the TPU holding keep the feet in a good position. Your heel and ankles can have an incredible support by wearing the shoes. Have sharper crossovers, faster drives, and consist dunks by wearing the shoes.

Under Armour Curry 2.5

Another supportive shoe option in our list providing distinctive support is the pair of shoes is Under Armour Curry 2.5. All who are fan of Hyperdunks and Rose 6s will not disappoint by wearing the shoes as it comes with following features.

  • It has a stable sole-base platform and Midfoot shank that provides safe coverage for the feet.
  • The outsole of the shoes acts as outrigger giving extra cover. The specific function provides safety for the heel.
  • The fantastic look of the shoe gives a stylish look to your personality. It has the protection that every player looks in basketball shoes.
  • The synthetic and fabric sole enables the player to feel the comfort and play flexibly.
  • The upper wraps of the shoes made with molded synthetic are lightweight giving precise fit for the shoes.
  • You can have the desired durable support because of its External PU shell.
  • The heel gives stability to the feet because of its external shank and locked heel.
  • It provides enough support to the arch and the forefoot by eliminating sliding.
  • The structure gives a perfect fit to the feet creating more ease while playing in the court.
  • Running small in the basketball game is easier through the shoes because of the excellent design.
  • The softness of the shoes gives a feeling of wearing a glove that makes it fun playing basketball.
  • It gives excellent grip because of its maximum traction. It is a mixture of comfortable environment and fun in the game.

Nike Kyrie 3

Many people have disappointed because of the casual sneakers that do not prove supportive in the basketball court. However, Nike Kyrie 3 is not like other products as it has the following features that prove that it is best pair of shoes for you in every possible way. Read more for having the lightning and quickstep with excellent fluid playing style.

  • The stylish and smart look of the shoes creates a great look of the player.
  • The ankles stay under protection covered by sneakers and it provides enough support for the ankle.
  • It does not give razor-sharp cuts on the feet and enables the player to turn in various positions because of its custom fit and response in court.
  • The structure gives flexible support and dynamic traction to the feet for comfortable moves.
  • The responsive cushioning keeps the feet in comfortable environment.
  • Its design provides very light grip for the feet in an outdoor and the beautiful colors are perfect suit for the basketball game.
  • The lace enables the forefoot stay down and locked in. The shoes provide an unbelievable angle that ensures safety of the ankle.
  • Its angle provides horizontal touch of the feet with the court’s surface and the amazing technology enables you to make challenging moves.
  • The lightweight of the shoes keeps it comfortable for the player to play smoothly.
    The integrated forefoot band and the modern Flywire cables keep on enhancing the motion of forefoot.
    It has unbelievable traction pads that prove responsive on the court giving the feet perfect crossover.

Adidas D Rose 6

Adidas is famous for its D Rose 6 as the shoes provides support to the feet and proves safest for the ankle.  The shoes are mixture of traction and balance with enough supportive structure that you need while playing in the basketball court. The following details can help you know more about the features of the pair of shoes.

  • The flat sole-base keeps upholding solidarity to the feet and the cushioning structure merges exquisitely.
  • It has a synthetic leather design with synthetic sole that keeps you safe in different seasons.
  • The shaft measurement of the shoes is approximately 5.5 from its arch. The boost energy gives superior experience of playing.
  • It is famous as the high-top basketball shoes with its leather upper and asymmetric collar.
  • Its integrated EVA middle provides balance and Midsole gives protection to the shoes.
  • It provides perfect fit for the entire feet giving it no kind of discomfort.
  • Moving around the basketball court becomes easier because of the shoes.
  • The pair has a non-marking outsole with its dynamic performance and it enables the player to have a high-octane unique style of basketball game.
  • The dual boost locks charges the step with fast energy and lightweight.
  • The shoes provide perfect lock for the feet because of its integrity stability cage and the pair has a nice look because of the Luxe material and good details.
  • The dimension of the shoes is 11 x 4 x 7. The shoes give the support that makes it easy for the player to continue the game.

Jordan XXX

Jordan XXX is one of its unique kinds of shoes that protect the ankle taking it as the first priority. The shoes provide outstanding performance on clean courts as it is the reason, keeping the shoes clean is one of the necessary elements of obtaining the benefit of the shoes. The pair of shoes comes with a number of following features that you for sure will like and buy the item.

  • The beautiful black and unique anthractive-black-white color of shoes give the best look you want for playing.
  • The shoes are made with innovative and constructive approaches for giving you lightweight support.
  • The woven and jacquard construction creates argyle design on the upper side of the shoes giving it beautiful look.
  • Flyweave technology and absorption resisting prints makes it one of the best shoes among all famous brands.
  • It gives smooth and easy moves one after another giving you amazing experience of playing.
  • Its smooth toe gives comfortable feeling to the feet. Entire body of shoes is designed to increase your comfort in the game.
  • The toe-down looks of shoes describes its strength that you can experience when you start playing with them.
  • The interior knit and softness of the shoes make it easy for the feet to breath. It is made with Flightspeed system that highlights the Zoom air cushioning and reduces the need of extra foamed layers.
  • The herringbone traction design on the outsole provides excellence in the game.
  • Wearing the pair of shoes gives a unique feeling that enables you to run and jump freely without any worry of getting injured.
  • It has a 3 years warranty with competitive energy and performance.


You can select any of the above mentioned product that you think can give you good support within virtuous economic decision. Choosing the one that are more durable than the all the shoes is also a good decision that you can make. Try to understand that the brand and style does not play as much importance as the function of the shoes that you can better known after testing the shoes. There should be no injuries and no matter of replacement once you have bought the right product.