Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 2018 Reviews

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 

There is no doubt that the requirement of every player playing basketball game is different. It is the reason, the basketball shoe companies have developed a variety of products that are meet the needs of players. Athletes with flat feet also need special kind of shoes that can provide the support with enough traction so the player can play the game without any stress on the feet. However, there are a number of things that you must consider before buying the best basketball shoes for flat feet. Following are a number of such details that you should notice.

best basketball shoes for flat feet


You must see whether the shoes are giving enough traction with its outsole on different kinds of the surface as you can play indoor or outdoor. The shoe companies have produced basketball shoes in 90’s that were suitable for any kind of surface as they were made with rubber outsole. You can see whether the shoes you are analyzing have both thick and softer elements of the rubber outsole. The sole must be durable and does not tear off with changed surfaces. The companies are well aware that what outsole is best for specific kind of surface so if you prefer playing only on a specific court with specific surface then you can look for the one that proves functional on the court.

Cushion of Shoes

Modern technology has enabled the companies and experiment with different materials for making the best products. Comfort is one of the most important elements that you must look in the shoes as the newly designed shoes do not have the feature. There is the quality of every kind of cushioning such as foam cushioning that gives a very soft touch to the feet. Air-based cushioning also proves very comfortable for the feet. The main difference that exists between the shoes is the responsiveness of the cushions and its performance. Air-based cushions are proved to be more responsive that the foam cushioning. Going with shoes that have air-cushioning is better as it can last for a longer period. It is good for those who buy one pair each year, but if you like to change shoes every month, then you can select the foam cushioning.

Skill Level of Player  

The skill level of shoes depends on the player, quality, and price of shoes. If you are the player who is going to play the annual championship in the town and prefer high quality shoe, then you can buy the shoes of the high cost. These shoes are from specific brands, and they are designed for certain performance in the competition. However, if it is the regular practice where you are learning playing basketball or enjoy playing it with your friends, then you can wear any of the brands offering a good product at a low cost. There is no need to buy extremely expensive shoes for daily practice.

Type of Body and Size 

Knowing the type of body and the size of your feet is necessary especially when you are searching for signature shoes. These types of sneakers are designed by considering the needs and demands of the players. For instance, if you are a famous player and demand a lot of support for the heel and feet, then you can buy the signature product. Choosing the one that completely fits your feet without giving you any tight feeling within the surface should be your goal. Basketball players with flat suffer from injuries during the game more than the players with a different form of feet. The genetic form create a problem because the player has to put more burden on the foot and during the process, the weight distributes in an awkward manner on both of the sides of the feet. The complaints of these players about their shoes are genuine as they feel the pain. The only solution is wearing the right kind of shoes and taking care of tissue tolerance at the time your feet have injured. Selecting the right kind of shoes will not only help in removing the pain but also help you in increasing the basketball activity.


Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

Under Armour Men’s UA Clutchfit Drive 3

Under Armour is one its kind that players appreciate because of the support it provides to the feet. The pair of shoes is considered the best one for players with flat feet because it has following features.

  • The shoes give basic luxury as they are made with synthetic material and rubber sole that enables the player to make easy moves.
  • It has the power to maintain the balance in appropriate way.
  • The breathable technology helps the feet stay fresh and the stretchable material makes it easy for the feet to stretch while bouncing during the game.
  • The shoes provide better support than the last series offered by the same company. It ensures stability of the feet because of the excellent external heel counter.
  • The flat feet stay under support because of the internal shakes attached in the shoes. The shoes provide additional padding because of its Achilles pillows.
  • The heels remain in comfort while the step out on the basketball court.
  • The shoes are available in a variety of low, mid and other models. The amazing cushioning creates comfortable structure for the flat feet that they do not feel pressured.
  • The great indoor traction offer more flexibility to the feet that a player wants while putting the feet on surface.
  • The shoes also provide the right support because of its breathable indoor structure. The feet do not hurt even you spend 4-5 hours in running constantly.
  • The player enjoys the stability because of the external heel counter and enough support by the internal shanks.
  • The shoes provide a licked-in fit connecting with the tongue by its innovative bear strap.
  • The players enjoy the multi-microbial Oetholie sock liner that models the structure of the foot in a die-cut.


Jordan AJ XXXI

The next product made for athletes with flat feet is the Jodan AJ XXI that is also famous for providing comfort to the football players. The modern brands do not fulfill the need of comfort for feet, but Jordan is the right choice that can benefit you because of the below-mentioned features.

  • The model is made by using the latest modern technology that makes it perfect match for people with flat feet.
  • Synthetic and mesh materials makes creates the smooth feeling for the feet and provide enough support in each bounce the player have during the game.
  • The rubber sole makes it easy for the player to keep the well balanced performance on the surface of the court.
  • The flywear forefoot combines seamlessly with the synthetic leather heel that enhances the performance of the player during the competitive environment.
  • The player gets the lock-in fit because the Flywire cables keep wrapping the midfoot.
  • The company has used solid and durable material for making the outsole and it is the reason, the product is highly efficient in its function.
  • The compression force distributes on the foot because of the FightSpeed technology on the full length of the shoe providing more support to the feet.
  • The technology also maximizes the spring-back response for creating explosive steps.
  • The seamless joining of the synthetic leather heel and the more comfortable flexible flyweave makes the movement more natural and supportive.
  • The foot remains under continuous support during fast cuts and all the transitions. The shoes provide a personalized fit to the inner sleeve wrapping the foot.
  • The feet enjoy the cushioning because of the foam pods.


Nike Men’s Airforce 1

If you like classic options of basketball shoes then buying Nike Men’s Airforce, 1 can make you happy. You might have been familiar with the previous options of basketball that are heavier in weight but it dramatically lighter. Let’s have a look at the other features that can help you buy the product.

  • The shoes are suitable for both female and male athletes who enjoy jumping and running in the field.
  • The shoes come with great traction that enables the athlete to take smooth steps.
  • It gives a firm grip to the feet on the shoes for maintaining the stability during the basketball game.
  • It has both the potential and style that the athlete admires because of excellent performance.
  • It also has perforation on the upper side of the shoes that keep them breathable for the player.
  • The shoes are friendly towards the people with flat feet because of its cushioning. The pattern increases flexibility during the competitive environment on the basketball court.
  • The leather and rubber sole of the shoes creates the right combination necessary for flat feet.
  • The front details of the perforated feet toe gives more support while the player wants to enjoy the details.
  • The shoes provide comfort because of its low top style and padded ankle collar.
  • The Air logo of the company makes the appearance more attractive.


Nike KD Elite Basketball Shoe

Kevin Durant who is a famous player has developed the basketball shoes that are suitable for all those who are looking for comfortable stuff. It has a number of following features that prove that the shoes are made for providing comfort to people with flat feet.

  • The shoes are made of synthetic and fabric with its sole made with strong synthetic that makes the shoes durable.
  • The shoes are foot oriented that means they benefit the feet in every possible way.
  • Flat footed basketball players can enjoy the security provided by the shoes because its design is highly appreciable.
  • The overall durability of the product is also good as it gives you a chance to keep enjoying the shoes within your budget for a long term.
  • The shoes are available in a number of colors such as golden, oreo, and red. The shoes are made for making a way for success for the athletes who want to stay in control under pressure.
  • The pair of shoes provides the desirable support and constant traction to the feet that enables the feet to make easy and targeted moves.
  • The shoes are rewarding as they offer a comfort made for flat feet.
  • The calf-length compression sock of the shoes is KD 8 that heightens the ongoing senses of a player on the basketball court.
  • The feet stay under support because of the synthetic layers of the shoes.


Nike Kyrie 3

Kyrie is famous for providing shoes for a variety of purposes. Nike Kyrie 3 is one of the shoes that are suitable for people with flat feet. The wide-foot athletes can feel comfortable as the shoes fit perfectly on the feet. The shoes are cheaper in cost than the other brands exist in the market, but they contain the high quality same as other brands.

  • The shoes provide the right kind of traction, so you stay ball friendly during the game.
  • The herringbone design of sole gives beautiful and strong support to the feet.
  • The signature details of the shoes make it more attractive that the players like.
  • A number of different models are available in the market that enables the person to get the preferred one.
  • Footlocker, gold, and Bruce lee edition are for all those who want flexibility on the basketball court.
  • Gold is another beautiful color from a variety of colors of shoes that makes it easy for a person to enjoy both style and excellent performance.
  • The shoes encourage a supportive environment to the flat feet.
  • The sole pattern is efficiently made by experts for all who want to enjoy smooth steps. The forefoot has the Nike zoom and signature details in a tongue that gives it a nice look.



The above-mentioned products carry all the important features that basketabll shoes designed for flat feet should have in detail. It is important to see which of the shoes match with your requirement and also falls in your financial budget. You can choose the one pair of shoes carrying more features and performance than all the other basketball shoe options available in the market. We hope you like our guide on the best basketball shoes for flat feet and improve your game in court.