Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Basket players know that there is a wide variety of best basketball shoes for wide feet are available in the market, and while searching for shoes, one must consider the needs and the type of feet. You must prioritize your needs while searching for the perfect fit. It is not very difficult to find a pair of shoes for a basketball game for wider feet. Following are the list of things that can help you make a better choice and get what you want.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

Style of Shoes

Now it is important to recognize the purpose of buying the shoes if your purpose would have been the style of the shoes then it was appropriate to buy the most stylish shoes. However, the purpose here is the comfort that you can have while wearing and playing with the shoes. Making the decision can help you not to regret with your decision in future. The design or the looks of the shoes does not describe that it is a perfect pair for playing in the court. Don’t get distracted by the marketing and advertisement of all the famous brands who drag people by using flashy colors.

Durability of Shoes

You can enjoy the performance of shoes if it only lasts for three to four months and gives you no long-term benefit. It is the reason; looking for the shoes with durability is the first feature, and all comes later. Lightweight of shoes are most of the time very durable as the fabric easily tears off with 3-4 months of practice. You can see which of the brand on our list has the feature that can benefit you in every possible way.


The materials can better tell you about the durability of the shoes. The upper of the shoes suffer from withstand damage if the shoes are made with plastic-based synthetic. Buying the shoes made of the raw material is a good choice, but you can also select synthetic. You can choose from any of the good materials available in the market as the companies have started mixing materials and making products that can prove durable and give excellent performance.

Perfect Fit

The materials play a very important role in providing a perfect for the feet. Sneakers are constructed in a narrow shape that if perfect for people with narrow shaped feet, however, people with wide feet should not select sneakers. Selecting a plastic-based synthetic product is also not a very good choice as it can cause pain for your feet. It is much beneficial to select the one that is a ½ size larger as they can provide you the support and prove fit for the feet. Shoes made of leather and suede is another wrong option as they will break or stretch with time.

Flexibility of Shoes

You need a massive amount of support and flexibility while playing on the court and that is only possible through buying the shoes that are made with the right material.  Your feet need mobility, and you can achieve with wearing shoes of the comfortable surface. You need to talk to the company to check the existing remarks of the customers about their mobility and flexibility of the shoes. Try walking and running when you try the shoes in the shoe shop. Keep in mind that material, fabric, outsole, and overall quality is important for the shoes to create enough flexibility.

Price of the Shoes 

The price of each shoes from the brands depends on the type of material used for constructing it. It also depends on the high demand of the specific brand because of the high performing shoes. However, you also have to see whether the cost of the shoes is too high that is beyond your financial budget. If the specific brand is expensive then you can look for other options that can give you the same comfort and performance in the basketball court that you need for winning the game with the other team.

5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviewed

AND1 Xcelerate Basketball Shoes

The first product in our list is AND1 Xcelerate Basketball Shoes that are designed by the company by considering the need of comfortable shoes for the wider feet. Famous players have described that the shoes have a Lew-sew synthetic upper that provides trivial strength to the person. It has a number of benefits that you can enjoy because of its features mentioned below.

  • The structure of the shoes provides good relief and continuous air-flow to the feet.
  • The synthetic materials and the high-top arch shaft measurement give you a comfortable feeling.
  • It gives lightweight durability for the player. The shoes enhance the comfort and provide enough breathability because of the Hybrid low-sew.
  • They provide structural stability because of the high rebound Duraspring Midsole. The high impact cushioning gives ongoing comfort in the basketball court for playing the game.
  • Torsional rigidity is maintained by the 3D TPU Shank Stabilizer. It gives the right arch support that the heel needs for maintaining the balance on the surface.
  • The shoes give impactful experience because of the excellent design-build by the formidable team.
  • The nice design enhances the overall look of the player in the basketball court.
  • The shoes are available in a variety of colors that are related to sports.
  • It provides perfect fit without making it suffocated. The shoes are perfect for wide feet as the structure is build in appropriate way for wider feet.
  • The overall material and structure is designed for enhancing your performance in the next basketball game.


And 1 Men’s Fantom

All who want good tops can select And 1 Mens Fantom because they are good for wide feet, but it is necessary to check the size and try before for enjoying a perfect fit. You will only loose the shoes by wearing them for a longer period. However, selecting them does not make you regret about the shoes as they have following features.

  • The shoes give excellent performance and best experience to the person wearing them.
  • It has a synthetic rubber sole that proves good for outdoor games. Arch is Mid-top for the shaft measurement and the shoes are appropriate for the new players demanding superior attribute.
  • It provides a balanced weight to the player creating more comfortable experience of playing basketball.
  • The shoes give excellent support to the feet because of its reinforced heel and toe and the fusion-no film provides the demanded durability.
  • The player can have perfume well in high wear zones because the material is extremely durable.
  • The material provides the right durability because of its laser-cut vents and also keeps on regulating the temperature.
  • The right combination of Hexagonal lace and the main flex zone create enough secure fir of the shoes for creating overall comfort level.
  • The shoes do not allow the player to lose stability and performance because the midsole is light weighted.
  • It is available in affordable price that does not put financial stress on the player.
  • The cushioning provides a great lockdown that gives a comfortable lock feeling.


Adidas D Lillard 2.0

Adidas D Lillard 2.0 is famous for being one of the famous pair of basketball shoes for the player because of its features. Don’t go on the looks of the shoes as they seem amazing with a perfect fit for the wide feet. Let’s have an eye on what else is there to know about the product so you can make a decision.

  • The company has used advanced technology for ensuring complete protection and fit for the feet.
  • The mesh synthetic with rubber sole makes it perfect for the basketball court. Like other products, it also has a Mid-top arch for the shaft measurement.
  • Your shoes stay under protection because it has abrasion resistant property.
  • The shoes keep encouraging circulation of cool air within the shoes that makes it easy for the feet to breath.
  • Your feet do not experience any kind of friction or irritation because it has a seamless tongue.
  • The traditional lacing system gives a locked-in feeling to the feet.  The shoes keep on delivering comfort and stability to the feet on the court.
  • You have exceptional grip because of the continental river attached in the outsole of the shoes.
  • The players have supreme underfoot comfort because of the signature bouncing cushioning.
  • The shoes remain durable for a longer period because of the synthetic material and the resisting abrasion in the indoor surface.
  • The shoes deliver good level of confidence to the player because of the support it provides to the feet.
  • The air keep circulating in the shoes making it more breathable and the construction of seamless tongue keeps the shoes breathable.
  • The feet stay safe from injuries and shocks because the bounce technology used for constructing the shoes.


Adidas D Rose 7

If you are in search of a purely remarkable pair of shoes, then selecting Adidas D Rose 7 will not disappoint you. Providing constant function is the main aim of the shoes. The shoes are filled with quality offering following features.

  • The shoes provide respectable support and cushioning to the feet that create enough comfort for the feet.
  • It also offers the right traction and safe approach towards any bounces.
  • It is perfect for the players who want comfortable shoes for their wide feet as they can enjoy the light traction.
  • The synthetic rubber sole plays an important role in maintaining good performance and safety for the feet.
  • The measurement of the shaft is 5” from the arch of the shoes, and it has responsive cushioning.
  • It maintains the level of energy for the basketball player. The shoes are breathable because of the engineered mesh and the comfortable synthetic upper with strategic support.
  • The design of the shoes is appealing, and the weight is light that allows the user to enjoy the basketball game.
  • It maintains the level of support because of its molded collar and premium signature details.
  • It also provides maximum grip to the feet because of its enhanced traction pattern and outsole.
  • The shoes work with never break attitude and maintain continuous durability. The upper mesh provides ventilation, and the shoes keep boosting the energy.
  • The design gives more determination of excellent moves for the player who wants to excel in the game.
  • The shoes also provide dynamic fit because of the molded collar and brae. The nice look and working traction also give confidence to the player to play confidently.


Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudsfoam Ilation

People who love fantastic model have admired this pair of shoeAdidas Performance Men’s Cloudsfoam Ilation a lot. It is a big bounce for all who wear it because it has all the important features that one looks into the basketball shoes.

  • The light weight of the shoes attracts the players as it makes easy for them to play continuously.
  • The Nice and soft cushioning provides further comfort that you cannot compare with other brands.
  • The design is suitable for both dinner part and basketball game.
  • The athletes with flat feet find it very comfortable wearing the shoes and playing on the basketball court.
  • The leather and textile material gives it a nice look that every athlete admires.
  • The rubber sole with 2.41 arch from the shaft creates convenience for the customer to play with them.
  • The profound details of the shoes because of the rebuck upper made of quality stuff create beauty to the personality.
  • The mesh rear quarter and the textile lining of the shoes gives it a new look. You can have a step-in comfort because of the cloudform sock liner and the lightweight cushioning.
  • The rubber sole allowed good grip of the feet because of the debossed and printed 3-stripes.
  • The players find pillow-like softness of the sneakers that enhance their performance in the field.



It is very important to see which of the shoes is more suitable for wide feet as you need comfort more than the style. There are options mentioned-above that prove the shoes to be extremely comfortable for players who do not like tight shoes and prefer shoes with wide structure. You can compare the features of one pair of shoes with other to see which is perfect for your basketball game.