Best Indoor Basketball Shoes 2018 Reviews

Best Indoor Basketball Shoes 2018

Basketball is one of the favorite games of many youngsters. You can enjoy basketball even in your backyard by only putting a basket, and no special types of equipment are needed. Basketball is one of the most convenient games too because it does not take much to play basketball. However, it is recommended to wear specific shoes to play basketball. You can wear any type of shoes during a basketball game, but a specifically designed pair of shoes can give you better chances of winning the game and fewer chances of getting injured. There are a lot of things to consider before buying the best indoor basketball shoes. We have made it easier for you and created a list of the things which should be kept in mind while buying these shoes.

best indoor basketball shoes

Support and Cushioning

Your feet need maximum support because of the nature of basketball. You will need to have maximum ankle support because ankle injury is one of the most occurring injuries of basketball. You will be cutting and jumping while playing basketball that’s why the ankle needs support and low-cut and mid-cut shoes are not the best choice for that. If your ankles are weak or you have been prone to ankle injuries in the past, you must find the shoes which provide maximum support. It is not claimed that these types of shoes will not let you get injured, but the chances of injuries are reduced to a minimum. You will need a high-cut style to avoid injury in basketball. If you get the right type of shoes, it will reduce the chances of injury as well as better performance.


Support and cushioning go hand in hand when it comes to protecting your feet. There is no one type of players in basketball that’s why it is necessary to find out the right type of cushioning according to the way you play. You will find a cushion in shoes which springs back to give you a little push while running. Every brand has its own type of cushioning.

The ones by Nike are called Zoom Air which offers a very responsive spring back type of cushioning due to pressurized air with internal fibers.

You will also find Adidas boost also highly effective while playing basketball.

Charged Under Armour Cushioning which has a layer of thick foam and then a soft, plush layer on top of it to provide you maximum support and comfort.

Then there is Jordan Flight plate is similar to Nike brand and has double the firepower. The flight plate is right below the zoom air cushioning to give amazing responsiveness and cushioning.

Type of Player

Basketball has different types of players, and so the shoes are designed according to the needs of these players. Different types of players include:

Power Player

The power player needs to jump in order to shoot or rebound the basketball, and that’s why needs maximum cushioning and heavier shoes.

Fast Player

The fast player needs lightweight shoes, and these players can adjust to moderate support and cushioning, support and flexibility. Low-cut shoes can be a better choice for fast players.

All Around Player

Moderate cushioning and support in shoes are good for the all-around player.


The sliding happens when you play a basketball game, so it is important that you find shoes which have better traction. There are traction patterns which give the highest amount of grip possible. You can change direction and move faster with better grip and higher traction. It can give you not only better performance in basketball but also better comfort because you can play without slipping or sliding.

Shoe Fit

It is also important to see how the shoe fit on your feet. You will have to consider two important things in order to see how your shoe fit.

Broad Toe Box

The shoes need to have breathing room and do not have to be shallow, so it does not cause much pressure on your toes. Pressure can also cause blisters, callus, bruised toenails and ingrown toenails.

Thumb Space

Find a space clearance for your toe, so it does not rub with the end of your shoes.

Best Indoor Basketball Shoes Reviews

In order to provide you with the options of best shoes, we have prepared a list of the best shoes available. You can take a look at these shoes and find the best one you want.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

Adidas has always tried to give its customer with best possible available. If you want to get the most amazing shoes for your basketball game, then Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball shoes are for you.


Adidas’ Crazy explosive shoes have following features.

  • The shoes are made of synthetic and textile.
  • Adidas uses Power Coral Traction technology in these shoes. You will find these best in terms of traction and let you play with freedom of not sliding and even stopping on a dime.
  • The outsole is translucent, and you will feel more grip with this sole.
  • It uses BOOST cushioning which gives you maximum cushioning so you can move around with great ease. Moving, chasing, cutting in basketball is made easier with these shoes.
  • Impact protection is really good, and heel to toe transition is also provided by these shoes.
  • You will see these shoes highly responsive to your movement on the court.
  • The shaft measurement of these shoes are high-top from the arch.
  • The shoe stays true to its size which means you can buy the one according to your exact shoe size.
  • The support provided to your feet is also amazing.


It has following advantages.

  • BOOST cushioning which means ultra comfort and ease of playing.
  • These shoes are stylish and best for people who want to look stylish even on a basketball court.
  • Maximum grip with Power Coral Traction.


It has following drawbacks.

  • Best for indoors as dusty and outdoor surface are not good for these shoes.
  • Customers have complained these to be non-durable.

Adidas Dame 3

Adidas has another entry in our favorite basketball shoes because Adidas has the best shoes available for not only basketball but for every sport. Take a look at the features, pros, and cons of Adidas Dame 3 Basketball shoes.


You will find following features in Dame 3 basketball shoes.

  • These shoes are designed for every kind of player and for every move and not specific to any category.
  • The traction uses in these is known as blade traction which has multi-directional coverage and allows you to move in every direction. You can make any move and use any strategy with these shoes.
  • These shoes are best if you are making a lot of cuts.
  • Cushioning is provided in the form of bounce cushions which means it gives you an extra push and gives you ultra comfort while playing.
  • Shoe fit is true to its size which means you don’t have to worry about the size while purchasing Adidas’ Dame 3.
  • If you have a little bit problem in fitting you will find laces to deal with the problem.
  • It gives your feet amazing support, and you will find TPU midfoot shank, internal heel counter, great lockdown and an amazingly stable platform and one of the most amazing midsole.
  • You feel your feet pampered in these shoes.


  • These are for every category player which means anyone can wear it without much problem.
  • The traction is amazing.
  • Cushioning and support is what you dreamed of.
  • Shoes stay true to size.


  • Lacing is reported to be a problem for some people.

Men’s Basketball Harden Vol. 1

James Harden introduced his first signature shoes with Adidas and people went gaga over it. These are the best a basketball player can get. Let’s find out about the features, pros, and cons of these shoes.


Men’s Basketball Harden Vol.1 has following features.

  • The traction on the shoes is specifically designed by keeping in mind the James Harden’s style of playing. So it is safe to assume that you will find the traction amazingly great.
  • You can also use to play it for outdoor courts, and these are easily cleaned up if the dust gathers on these.
  • The BOOST cushioning is used in these shoes which mean maximum cushioning and ultra comfort play.
  • The bounce back is not specifically amazing, but you will still have the most amazing performance in these shoes.
  • The underfoot is also protected.
  • The shoes remain true to its size. However, it is still recommended to try these on before purchasing one.
  • Shoes needed some time to break in.
  • Support is great in these shoes because of the wider platform and shoes sit very low to the ground.


  • Cushioning and support is great with these shoes.
  • Traction is amazing, and you will be able to support on the dime.
  • Stability is provided with a wider platform.


  • These shoes need some time to break in.
  • Arch support is not good.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour’s Curry 3 is one of the excellent choices you could make for your amazing basketball game. You can have amazing features and almost everything you could ask for in basketball shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for the people who have playing style like Steph Curry.


These shoes have following features:

·         The ankle support is excellent.

·         These are lighter on your feet. You don’t feel weighed down while wearing these shoes and give your best performance.

·         The shoe fit is great, and shoes stay true to the size which means you don’t have to give a lot of time to these shoes to break in.

·         The traction is amazing, and you can play on a cleaner court on the inside.

·         The outsole is made of simple herringbone pattern which adds to the traction of these shoes.

·         These shoes have court feel and use charged cushioning to give you maximum support, but responsiveness is not as amazing as you want. It means that the sole won’t give you bounce back.


·         These are extremely lightweight, and you can play with ease.

·         Ankle and overall support are amazing.

·         Traction is great, and you can cut, chase and make your move with ease.

·         Charged cushioning is not only amazing but also give you court fee.


·         Impact protection is not provided.

·         Not for outdoor and dusty courts.

·         Wider feet won’t fit properly.

NIKE Kyrie 3

Nike has always had amazing input when it comes to sportswear. Nike’s Kyrie 3 is also one of the most amazing inventions by Nike. Take a look and decide for yourself.


Nike’s Kyrie 3 has following features:

·         Traction is herringbone and has two multi-directional pods in the forefoot.

·         The cushioning is only on the heel with a Zoom Air unit.

·         The shoes fit true to its size but not for people with wider feet.

·         The internal shank plate is missing.

·         Toe support is not great.


·         The shoes will give you court gee.

·         Traction is good.

·         Support and stability are also good.


·         Cushioning is not sufficient, and these are not recommended for people looking for maximum cushioning.

·         Toe tip is harder.


The list of best indoor basketball shoes 2018 as mentioned earlier has most amazing, and the best pair of shoes made for indoor basketball playing. You can choose the best pair according to your needs. The most important thing while playing basketball are the shoes the player is wearing. Even a slight discomfort caused by the shoes will distract the player and affect the gameplay. This is why it is recommended that shoe shopping should be done after trying the shoes on your feet because of the sizing problems. You also need to look at your own requirements and then make the better decision for your shoes. This list helps you made and informed the decision; you can choose your shoes from this list and rule the basketball court.