Best Kickboxing Shoes 2018 Reviewed

Best Kickboxing Shoes 2018

Every athlete wants to keep maximizing the benefits of every day’s workout that totally depends on a number of items. One of the most important item in the kit is the kickboxing shoes that increasing the productivity because of the right movement. However, many people stay confused what brand should they select and wear for exercising. It is important to understand the difference between runnings, walking and kickboxing shoes as the other types do not fulfill the same purpose such as the best kickboxing shoes. You can get more from the workout when you wear the right shoes by making an investment for buying the right product.

The shoes must compliment the workout and should not create a hindrance while you are in activity.  The person catching the kickboxing class bug gets in a high-energy workout incorporating the different sorts of fun. You achieve the top-notch of calories burned by doing the activity in the right manner, and intensity and the shoes support you to achieve your goal. The companies use specific techniques and technology for designing the shoes to be more functional.

The shoes must wick moisture and help you move around. You need to have special consideration while selecting the shoes. You can select training shoes that can provide you the right workout opportunity that you need. There are a number of things that you should consider while buying the shoes. Following are the different features that you should look while you are buying the shoes online or at a store.

best kickboxing shoes 2018

What to Look for in Kickboxing Shoes ?

Right Support

Shoes with lateral support can give you a lot of benefits. Shoes must give support to the athlete as he/she has to move side-to-side while preventing the ankle and foot from any kind of rolling. It is the reason; you must select the shoes that can give you the support for prevention of rolling. Shoes with the right support can help you keep avoiding strains and sprains of the tendons and ligaments of the ankle. You can have the stability by wearing the shoes that have a wraparound lacing system for making the zig-zag and other sideways movements. Select the shoes that provide wide outsole for helping you with lateral stability. Furthermore, choose the one that is flexible in the forefoot for allowing best movements.


Considering kickboxing a very high-impact workout is necessary as thinking about the activity will remind you that you should select the shoes that give plenty of cushioning. The ball of the foot requires cushioning for creating a positive impact for your shoes. You can ask the shoe company to give you the shoes with good heel cushioning. You can also select the pair of kickboxing shoes with removable bed liner for allowing you insert a supportive insole. The shoes consist of custom-made orthotics as recommended by the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

Other Considerations

Kickboxing shoes must have durable upper leather and should not have synthetic uppers. Mesh uppers work best for providing an environment of breathability and good flow of air. However, if you are attending kickboxing classes on a regular basis, then you have to replace the shoes after every six months of continuous use. Using shoes outdoor can result in loose of traction and shortening of lifespan that means you should only wear the shoes inside your house.  You must have proper information about the brands that offer the best of shoe models for giving you the required protection. You must feel comfortable enough while wearing the shoes that means you have to do proper research about the shoes and their features. Following are best four shoes that can help you select one for your workout plan.

4 Best Kickboxing Shoes Reviewed

Hayabusa Ashi 3.0

The continuous workout is the preference of every athlete, and it is only possible when you start running and jumping by wearing the right pair of shoes. Ashi 3.0 by Hayabusa is one of the first kickboxing shoes in our category that can maintain the grip of your feet while you start or get tired of the workout and your feet start losing grip. The shoes provide the right grip on the mat so you can stay in the workout place till the time you want to stay engaged in the activity. There is no chance of strips and slips.

The company claims that you can get the next step as it has used the SureGrip technology for delivering the superior mat traction so you can take explosive takedown. In this way, you can give a falcon punch to your team member and land upright. Wearing for the first time can give a stretch out feeling to your feet but the more jumps you take; you will be able to pull off easily. The company has also ensured that the product is lab tested for its outline and design. It test enhances its quality and safety giving it excellent performance. The prototyped and rigorous testing makes the pair of shoes more popular and also removes the existing flaws in design offering the best of product to customers.

Apart from the revolutionary technology and the high start and stop power, the shoes are also breathable. The lightweight of the shoes makes it easy to engage in the activity, and the odor-inhibiting gives a good feeling throughout the day. The cost of the shoes $29.99 is the right price for paying for quality. The durability of the shoes makes them the one in all of the options available in the market.

Ringstar Fight Pro

When you take the first punch for kickboxing, you need a proper balance of body for starting out fighting in the court. It means that it is necessary to keep the feet in the right place that means you need to choose a pair of shoes giving you the right support. Ringstar Company has worked out for giving you the shoes that can provide proper hold to your ankle preventing sliding of feet around the smooth floor of the gym. It means you need to select the shoes that have the right technology for absorbing impact for starting indoor training. Ringstar Fight Pro has the R3 protection system that can keep you protected from weighing down.

The high quality of closed-cell foam of the shoes has the superior absorbing power that can help you do boxing easily. The Company has designed the shoes with three layers of padding and creating a product of lightweight. The r3 technology disperses the force keeping injuries at bay.  You must have a sparring partner as you might hurt yourself while training. Wearing the shoes can stop flinching each time you kick in the boxing game. There is no doubt that shoelaces can create hurdle in the middle of boxing as shoes with loose laces can fly into other team member’s face. However, selecting Ringstar Fight Pro can keep your shoes secure as it comes without laces.

When you choose quality, then you must have to spend a good amount of buying the right product. The flex grooves for traction provided by Ringstar Fight Pro gives a comfortable feeling of flexibility and the right fit. The pair of shoes has a soft sole with the advantage of ankle protection. The hock and loop closure provide more protection for the feet.

Mooto TKD

The Mixed Martial Arts high-performance equipment of kickboxing needs the right amount of effort that a player has to make while kicking. The design of Mooto TKD is what can fulfill your needs at the time of kickboxing. The lightweight of the shoes makes it very convenient to move around, and the flexibility helps you stay away from any hindrance. It is a perfect match for minimalist as it is not very flashy with the outer side as simple as of regular shoes. It is a perfect pair of shoes for kicking and maintaining balance.

Players want to avoid every kind of potential embarrassment while they are engaged in kickboxing, and that is possible through Mooto TDK because they go very easy during training. The company has considered safety as the first element and built the shoes that are very competitive. The tongue of the shoes is made from spandex textile for stretching and fitting the feet in its place.  You can call the shoes as wings because they provide a free environment that can give you a feeling that you are flying in the air. It is one of the needs of the kickboxers to stand on their toes with enough balance. Mooto TDK is what you are looking for as provides 30 degrees angle for increasing balance for making bopping around.

The shoes are moderately affordable as compared to the other brands who offer shoes with a high cost. There is no comparison with the quality, and you can spend your saving in buying the shoes that can give you the comfort while kickboxing. It has three layered soles, and the shank also has arch support. The shoes give dynamic support to the person wearing it. The shoes have great durability and back stay because of its synthetic leather, The weight of the pair of shoes is 20 g. You can enjoy wearing the shoes by wearing them out.

Tiger Claw Fieyue

When it’s about style and design, Tiger Claw can fulfill your expectation. The simple and practical design of the shoes makes it famous among Shaolin monks. They suit martial arts and kickboxing style and seems compatible with them. The lightweight of the shoes makes it is easy to wear them without creating any problem in performing well. The canvas of the material is also light and flexible. You can use the shoes for a longer period as they are good and durable.

The shoes are lace-up with double know that means you can wonderfully complete the training. The canvas of the shoes is thick and durable, and it provides the comfortable feeling to the person who wears it. The shoes are not as the normal shoes as the sole of the shoes is flat and helps a person move easily. You can spend the suitable time wearing the shoes because of its flexibility. Maintaining balance is very easy because of the design of the shoes. They enhance traction by giving ultimate performance. The product is also not very high in cost as they do not have high-tops while you go to the gym. You can spend $17 to $29 for buying the shoes that can give you full comfort.

The lightweight of the sole makes it easy to move around and kick for continuing in the competition. The shoes have the best quality and the stitched label on its tongue that makes it beautiful. The initial impression can be surprising, but the shoes have the quality that you need while kickboxing. Selecting the correct size can benefit you more so we advise you to choose the right size for the pair.


Take enough time for comparing and trying a number of shoes before buying them. Choose the product that is both affordable and also have the high quality. You can select the shoes from any of the brands as mentioned above as you have read the features and you can easily compare one product with other. Look for the special quality of each of the shoes so try taking different defensive positions while trying kicking shoes.

Keenly observe the feeling of your feet while you are trying the variety of strikes wearing the shoes. See whether the material of the shoes is cozy at the top, ball, and heel of the foot. See which of the shoes give you the high quality of the price of your range. Check reliable source while you are purchasing the product from the internet and see whether they are authentic or not. Do not compromise on the fit and the size of the shoes as it should keep giving you safety and keep on improving the style and form of your feet. While buying online, check the shipping and delivery options and select the one with right fighting style. If you happen to be a fighter especially a kickboxer then we hope you like our guide on the best kickboxing shoes.