Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2018 Reviewed

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2018

Playing sports and games has become an integral part of the school curriculum as both educationists and parents emphasize on holistic development of children. Basketball is one of the best sports that build cooperation and competition among kids. It is the reason, wearing the outdoor basketball shoes for getting the right grip in a comfortable and supportive way is very necessary. However, more important is selecting the best outdoor basketball shoes that perform best while you play on the court. You may have considered no difference in indoor and outdoor shoes, but a huge difference lies in the features. The construction and weight of the shoes are not similar. Even modern companies have separated the shoes by introducing distinctive style. People play indoor basketball on a smooth surface and polished floor in a restricted or controlled environment. While the outdoor game comes with the real challenge because of the hard surface and open environment.  These shoes are made with considering the harder surface that also becomes rough with time, and the design also is suitable for the players to play on it. It is necessary to choose the right option available in the market as different brands offer different features and you must select the one with the best facility.

best outdoor basketball shoes

What to Look for in Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

The shoes should have a foam-lined collar and the translucent rubber outsole making the shoes distinctive among the other brands. The heel pull tab and the multi-directional traction pattern of the shoes should increase the trust of player on the quality performance of the shoes.


First of all, you must discuss the shoe’s upper with the company you want to buy the shoe. You have to tell the customer service about the height you want to have while wearing the shoes. Different companies provide the different length of upper and you should choose what suits you the best. You can select any of the high or low heights of the heel.

High Profile

Now it is about the high shoes that are the upper wraps that come around the ankle providing you more layers of consistent support and more stability. You can buy shoes with extra coverage, but that means there will be extra weight on the shoes. However, the feature proves very beneficial for the players who play aggressively on the court and know that the support can give them what they have been looking for a long time.

Mid Profile 

Now it is about the mid-top basketball shoes that can go very good for the players with the happy medium as they provide the right ankle support to the feet. The upper part near the coverage gives the coverage to the ankle without compromising on the broad design. It also enhances the flexibility for the players who want to move according to the need of shoot.

Low Profile

Low features describe the speed and agility of the shoes that make them fit for the race on the court. The feature gives more support for the ankle because of their low profile. You can further select the type of material you want to ensure more breathability and mobility during the game. It is important to recognize that you will need more support while you will be playing with a team of players. It is the reason; you need to see which of the profile works best for you.


Midsole and outsole are further division of the shoes. The midsole includes the cushioning of the shoes while the outsole is a place where rubber and road meet. You need to check which one suit you best and see what the need of your feet is. There are many products made of different materials where you can see which can give the desired comfort in the midsole or the outsole for you.

5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2018 Reviews


Men’s Lebron Soldier by Nike

People always look for comfortable and stylish footwear because they not only want to perform well, they also want to feel and look good. No one should compromise on the quality and performance of the shoes while playing on the basketball court.

  • No matter you are younger or older in your team, Lebron Soldier IX is for you because the shoes give lunarlon cushioning for giving a softer and bouncy ride while you are playing basketball.
  • These shoes are best because they absorb the shocks in a wonderful way when the player weaves on the hard surface.
  • The lightweight gives an easy feeling that let not the player weight down.
  • The shoes support the ankle limit pronation by giving an inner sleeve that comfortably wraps the foot through its wedged carrier.
  • When you move your feet, the synthetic mesh and the nylon on the upper side provides flexibility for letting you move your foot.
  • You do not have to worry about the sweat as the shoes are completely breathable that means it will keep your feet cool and continuously dry. In this way, it provides the right ankle support because of the 3.15 shaft from the arch of the shoe.
  • The strap of the heel locks the strap heel in the shoes that forms a single and reliable piece with the ankle as the heel strap is directly attached is directly attached to the heel counter.
  • Further, the forefoot strap tresses the forefoot and the midsection of the foot in its place.

All the features make it one of the best and the rubber sole of the shoes also gives the best traction. You can also have the extraordinary support by the outdoor Enjoy the features and the nice design that can give you secure and lasting comfort at the time of basketball game. The brand also gives surety of giving a zero-distraction feeling to the person wearing it over any distance. You can buy Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier for yourself or your loved one as a gift for more comfort and excellence.

Lebron XIII for Men By Nike

Nike does not lag behind in the race of providing the best of products that meet the needs of the customers in every possible way. The second best basketball shoes on our list is the Lebron XIII for men that are also famous for the supportive and comfortable feeling they give to the person wearing them.

  • The basketball players always require the right amount of grip while the hit the ball in the outdoor doors and it is only possible with the right shoes that can resist the pressure coming from another player.
  • You will have the exceptional population and excellent responsiveness while wearing the shoes as the shoes have a responsive sole and Zoom L.E.A.P system.
  • The flexibility of the shoes allows the player to shoot the ball wherever they want to win the game.
  • There are 4 Zoom Air units which are independent within the shoes that give cushioning in the shoes.
  • The flexibility and low profile of the shoes make them perfect for the person who wants to enter the basketball court with full confidence.
  • These Zoom air units are attached with the shoes under its heel that gives best response and comfort of 13mm thick, soft surface.
  • The upper mesh of the shoes is breathable and durable as well so you can keep feeling good with your dry and cool feet.
  • The flexibility of the shoes helps you to take every step easily without any pulling force.
  • The heel of the shoes further locks as the Flywire cables extend from the midsection of the footwear and wrap around the heel of the shoe. The feature keeps the feet stable and gives the enough required support for the structure of the foot.
  • The shoes can accommodate you in an excellent way for playing outdoor basketball. You will see that the shoes will maintain your stability in every turn you take during the stress of competing with the other team.

The shoes display some of the excellent features that are not present in the old models of the company. The sock-like fit and the protection created Hyperposite of the shoes gives the player security of playing.

YA Clutchfit Under Armour Drive ll for Men’s

Everyone wants to buy outdoor shoes for playing basketball that are available at a competitive price. This product is more of a product of dreams as it provides right comfort and support for feet. This is the modern technology that the company has used for producing incredibly light weighted shoes that wraps the feet for providing the desired support.

  • The comfortable zone of the shoes makes the feet more free from the stress that basketball game creates.
  • The shoes have 3D moulded tongue that surrounds the ankle and foot for ensuring best bit for it. Your feet stays locked because of its full length moulded features of Micro G sockliner.
  • It is the sock liner that creates stability for the shoes and keeps the feet in the right position.
  • The midsole has charged cushioning that absorbs the socks during the game and also makes it ultra-responsive.
  • It has herringbone multi-directional outsole that gives proper control and traction. You get the complete best traction on the basketball court for moving easily.
  • You can play easily without worrying about slipping and falling.
  • You can buy the product without any financial inconvenience as the shoes are available in well-priced option.
  • You will feel like the master of the game while shooting the ball with your teammates.
  • The shoes are made of synthetic material and give incredible feeling because of the lightweight.
  • Your feet will stay locked in its place and provide responsive quickness. You will have a superior feeling of control at the time of game because of the proper fit.
  • You have the option of wearing socks, or you can also play without wearing socks.
  • The shoes have a striking design that gives it a distinctive look for helping you perform best outdoor.
  • The ultra weight of the shoes will keep you flexible, and your feet will remain breathing.

The shoes are comfortable and great without creating any problem. The company has produced the shoes in honour of the All-Star Game in Toronto. You can also buy the full-length, low profile shoes and get the dynamic support you want in a basketball game

Performance Crazyligh Boost by Adidas

Basketball players like to get past the game defence while playing with outdoor basketball shoes. Surprisingly, Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyligh Boost have the features that every player wants in his/her shoes.

  • The shoes are the best lookers delivering the traction and enough comfort for providing you with the support you need.
  • You can start moving comfortably by wearing the lightweight shoes around the basketball court and enjoy stability by the shoes.
  • The shoes function in an excellent way because of the textile lining and the black string collar that gives comfort to the feet at an additional level.
  • The shaft measures low-top inches of the feet arch.
  • The moulded TPU piece of the shoes and the heel cup of shoes keep it distinguished. The foot locks down for reducing slippage.
  • The shoes give superb traction that remains your feet sturdy and helps you move here and there.
  • The shoes will not let you down in the dame as they are lightweight and have the textile lining.
  • The shoe boost midsole gives you the speed and agility you need during the game.
  • The high responsive shoes can give you the exceptional traction and comfort that can help you walk on the surface.
  • The textile and synthetic features with a rubber sole are the best match for every basketball player.
  • The low-top measure of the arch and the energy boosting properties of the shoes supplies all that you need during the game.
  • The upper jacquard and the comfortable lining of the shoes will keep your feet in a comfortable environment.
  • Your feet will lockdown easily because of the enhanced midfoot stability of the shoes.
  • You can also get the incredible pack of shoes that are building for stretching the floor for you’re in the basketball game.

Stay charged and has a bold look while playing actively on the court. Enjoy the comfort of the shoes and never forget that the quality comes with a price, you must pay the price for getting the shoes that can give you the right comfort.

Zoom KD 9 for Men by Nike

If you want consist comfort and control over your moves while playing basketball, then you can choose this shoe that can offer the traction so you can give the best of your performance.

  • The heel of the shoes has a mesh and excellent foam on the upper side that gives the cushioning required for maintaining comfort.
  • You can make the easy movements and stay responsive by wearing the shoes.
  • The standard heels are not as thick as of Nike’s products that compensate for giving a hard landing on the court.
  • You have complete control with the little thinner heel on the playing court.
  • The sock-like fit of the shoes with Flynit forefoot is best for all who want to stay comfortable while wearing the shoes.
  • The lace loop is similar to the cage like that locks the feet down to the footbed allowing quick and smooth moves.
  • The traction is a step above the shoes with rubber outsole wrapping the sides of the shoes and giving it more stability.
  • The multi-directional tread pattern of the shoes is suitable for the hard surface, and it remains durable for a longer run.
  • The upper mesh allows the feet to breathe easily and the lightweight makes it easy to step out for an excellent game.
  • You can also enjoy the flexibility and the comfort created by the basketball shoes and stay under the support of the superb environment.

You can have the best grip all kinds of the surface with full comfort. The synthetic material, game royal and white color with the original box of the brand is all that you can enjoy by buying the Nike’s product .


All the above-mentioned products have been sorted out by the experts who have the right research skills of highlighting the features so people can enjoy the moves. There are some of the necessary things that you need to consider before selecting the particular type of the product. Comparing the features of one shoe with other is also a very beneficial step towards selecting the right one for you. However, it is also important to see that which fits your size and can give you the freedom of playing while you will be on the basketball court. Comfort is the first priority of selecting the best of all as you will not get any kind of the benefit if you will not select one shoe providing comfort. You also need to see the upper mesh that creates breath-ability for the feet allowing it to stay fresh after a long period. Select the best outdoor basketball shoes by the famous company and enjoy your time on the basket