Best Parkour Shoes 2018 Reviewed

The world is growing at a fast pace, and we have to keep up with it if we don’t want to lag behind. Exercises and training programs have now become a proper field now, and you can take training of different courses which will help you keep protected from harmful elements in your surroundings. One of those methods is Parkour which does not only keep you fit but also make you knock run and make you play like an acrobat with smooth tactics for which you need a pair of the best parkour shoes. It is an amazing method, and it is pretty cool too because of the unusual combination of techniques used in it. Like any other exercise, you need to find proper clothing for Parkour too, and shoes need to be specifically designed for Parkour for perfect movements. However, before getting to know about the shoes let’s get to know what Parkour is.

Best Parkour Shoes – Explained

best parkour shoes

What is Parkour?

It is a training discipline which is based on the movements adopted from the military obstacle course training. It is a fitness regimen, and you can get a rigorous, hard core series of exercises in order to stay fit using parkour. It includes more than one method like jumping, rolling, swinging, quadruped movements, swinging and even climbing. Parkour trainers use the combination of these methods according to the situation and demands of the trainee. Parkour is part of the military training obstacle course which also makes it a non-combative martial art in some aspects. It can be practiced separately or with the combination of others art and this is mostly carried out in urban settings. You can also practice it alone or with other participants. It is a combination of movements and based on the method that you have to go forward even if you face obstacles in your way.

How does it Work?

It works on the philosophy of overcoming obstacles in your way of moving forward with accuracy, speed, and fluidity. It is an adventurous sport, hobby and also a favorite pastime of many teenagers. It is also known as free running or recreational running in many parts of USA, but there is a difference between free running and parkour. Most of the people who like parkour see it as the freedom from urban lifestyle and the constraints which come with it. It is related to freeing up your mind and making you move like fluids but with grace. It also keeps you fit because of the movements used in it, and you don’t have to have much in the outfits as you will just need a pair of the trainer and you are good to go for parkour. It also builds your upper body strength and makes you solid and flexible so you can move around like you are floating in the air. You can take it from simple exercises to a highly moldable set of exercises depending on the flexibility that your body allows you. You can also add your own innovation and make countless moves in parkour.

Physical Demands of Parkour

You obviously need to get trained before you can perform parkour in real life. You will go through hurdles and obstacle training before you could do it on building and other structures around the urban infrastructure. You experience your physical environment more while performing parkour by replacing walking with running, jumping, climbing or even twisting. This adventure sport is getting popular day by day, and people from almost every age group are interested in taking part in parkour from all around the world. Training is necessary, and you might feel a little jittery and have some sore muscles in early days of your training, but once you got the hang of it, you will realize it is rather easy.

Psychological effects of Parkour

Parkour is closer to adventure sports, and you can get the benefits from it and treat your life as an adventure too. It also has positive effects on your mood and makes you enjoy your physical environment more and more. Your thoughts run free, and you learn to act on your instincts. Overcoming obstacles make you confident for overcoming obstacles even in your real life and make you solve problems with better strategies. It also prepares you to face the unknown obstacles which are not apparent to you and makes it easier to overcome those. It promotes a healthy body, and healthy body always contains a healthy mind. Your appreciation of the environment is improved, and you see it beyond the physical standards.

Misconceptions about Parkour

There are a few things which got confused with parkour, and these should be clarified before learning more about parkour.

  • Parkour and free running are two different things. These can be used as interchangeable terms, but these are thoroughly different concepts and work on different principles. People who perform parkour are called Traceurs while people who practice free running are called free-runners, and these terms can’t be used alternatively.
  • It is not only an urban sport, and it is also practiced in woods of France, and it can be practiced in any environment where there are natural obstacles and hurdles.
  • Parkour is not only related to running or jumping around, and it is not always about flips and twists. It is a combination of all these things and many other movements and techniques are included in it as well.
  • There are no parkour shows and simply performing parkour does not account as a parkour show.
  • It is not a competitive sport; hence no competitions are arranged all around the world. People only use this sport to enjoy and break free from the constraints of physical environment.

Outfit for Parker

The best thing about this sport is that you don’t have to have a specific outfit for it. You just have to wear comfortable clothing so you can move your body freely. However, a good pair of shoes should always be used in order to avoid any injury and move in a better way to perform parkour.

4 Best Parkour Shoes Reviews

If you are facing trouble trying to find out the best shoes for Parkour, you can easily choose from the list given below.

Vibram KSO Evo

These are specifically designed shoes for parkour, and you can see that five fingers are present and your feet adjust perfectly in these shoes.

Product Description

These shoes have man-made outsole which helps you conquer any surface you put your feet on be it a rocky place, or wet or even a grassy lawn you have nothing to worry about if you are wearing Vibram KSO EVO. These are the extremely light weight which means you can move around without having to worry about your feet weighing you down. The heels are of 0mm which creates a minimalistic outlook, ideal for performing parkour. The 2mm cushioning in insoles provides care and pamper your feet. It also prevents you from getting hurt or injured during parkour performance.


  • These are vegan shoes which mean these are safe for your environment and especially good for people who are conscious about the environment.
  • These are extremely light weight and weighs only 4.9 ounces.
  • It has multiple uses and mainly is cross-training shoes.
  • Lacing is easier.


  • Size problems are there for multiple users.

Merrel Vapor Glove 2

It is one of the best choices that you could make for your parkour training. These have friendly design and are awesome for every move you make.

Product Description

These are best for running, jumping and climbing faster. These are everything you need to have while performing parkour. The shoes are extremely thin, and you can see that material and fabric used is breathable. This will keep your feet cool and ventilated even after a long run during parkour. The design only has 0mm heel-to-toe drop which means you wouldn’t feel a thing while wearing these shoes. Mesh flexibility running is easier than you ever thought and the price is a little expensive than others, but it is totally worth it.


  • These shoes are ultra lightweight which makes it easier to move around.
  • It supports multiple terrains which means you don’t have to worry about the type of surface you are moving on.
  • These shoes use ultra-breathable design.


  • It does not have many color options which means you have to choose among the same boring colors.
  • It does not offer much arch support.


PUMA Narita V2

PUMA has always been on top of shoe design especially when it comes to aerobic models which are almost like the parkour shoes.

Product Description

These shoes have everything you could ask for while shopping for parkour shoes. These include technology used on the outsole sock liner and heel. These are specifically designed for high impact activities. These are highly breathable which means your feet won’t sweat even after a long session of parkour. It uses Eco Ortho Lite technology which gives you ultra comfort and makes your parkour sessions even better. The outsoles are made of Evertrack high-abrasion rubber which makes these shoes durable for long periods of times. These are shock resistant and prevent you from getting injured. These are the best choice because of the reasonable pricing of PUMA.


  • The shoes are made of geo-pattern mesh which is also breathable.
  • These shoes use the minimalist design making it easier to carry around.
  • High Abrasion Rubber outsoles are amazing because of the durability which is offered and extreme comfort.
  • These are extremely lightweight and weigh only around 7 ounces which means you can perform parkour and don’t have to worry about your feet weighing you down.


  • The support is reported to be faulty.


Nike Flex Rn 2016

Nike has always superseded the expectations of its customers, and these have the best features of parkour shoes.

Product Description

These shoes have outsoles specifically designed for parkour. These outsoles provide stability, flexibility and optimize your gait and jump during parkour. The outsoles also have an impressive design, and you will look more stylish when you are wearing these shoes. The outsoles use Tri-pod outsole pattern and provide maximum flexibility so you can move naturally. These shoes do not use the traditional rubber midsole and use Flex RN instead and have a Phylon midsole and have two layers of cushioning so you can jump as much hard as you want without worrying about hurting your feet. These are available at an excellent price and easily affordable for most of the people. These have a great price to quality ration because there are not many pairs of shoes available for this amazing quality in such cheaper range.


  • These shoes have increased traction and durability which means you can use these shoes for years without worrying about these wearing out.
  • These have a fashionable, stylish and modern design.
  • These use optimized natural flex which is good for the health of your feet.
  • Fly-wire technology used in these shoes promised secure fit and supported your feet.


  • These are not recommended for the trail-like surface, and you need to be careful about the type of surface you are using it on.



The above-mentioned list offers you some of the best shoes for your parkour practice, and you can choose anyone among those. Although all of the shoes have similar qualities, you still need to keep in mind your own requirements and special needs. For example, you will have to stay in your budget while purchasing shoes and if you have budget constraints, then you can’t go for PUMA which is a slightly expensive one. Similarly, if you have to perform on the trail-like surface, you can’t get Nike’s Flex Rn because it is not made for a trail like surface. So, you have to find the pair which is perfect and suitable for every need and requirement you have. Choose the best pair and enjoy your parkour practices.