Best Shoes for Back Pain 2018 Reviews

Shoes are essential for our daily routine because they keep us going the whole day. Not having comfortable shoes is eventually going to tire us soon and therefore affecting our performance. Choosing the right pair of shoes for back pain does not only help to prevent issues but can also work to relieve some pain issues in our body. A big example of this would be back pain. There are numerous people who are affected by lower back pain, and it comes as a huge hurdle to them because it severely affects their daily working capabilities. The statistic for this is that about 80% of people will surely get back pain in some part of their lives and for workers; the symptoms are guaranteed to show at some point.

Back pain does not have just one or two causes but plenty of reasons. It can be caused by your sitting position for instance people who tend to work long hours on their chair they can face this pain due to a certain fixated sitting position. In addition to this, people who always sit in a hunched back position usually face this pain every now and then. The problem is aggravated when you walk too much and that too with the wrong pair of shoes which will only make it worse. The wrong pair of footwear can cause a lot of issues on your lower back and affect your body posture.

best shoes for back pain

If you are one of those whose back pain is, to a great extent, caused by having the wrong pair of shoes, then it is only going to get worse. Women take about 5000 steps every day and men, on the other hand, take about 7000, so you can do the math here and see how much of damage will they do. It is crucial to have the right pair of shoes for your daily routine, though you can have special ones for occasions and events because the time duration is far less. You should consider buying specially designed shoes for this very purpose. There are shoes available that have been specifically designed to relieve your back pain and provide you with comfort all day long. Once you do buy these shoes, you will experience a remarkable difference in your average daily performance and carry out basic acts of walking, running or exercising.

Best Shoes for Back Pain – Important things to consider

When buying shoes, there are some important factors which you must consider irrespective of whether the shoes are medicated or specifically designed or not.

1-      Arch
The shoes that you consider make sure that they have proper arch and support. The arch of the shoe should exactly fit the arch of your foot. Also, just because one shoe fits with the arch of one person’s foot will not necessarily fit with another, and this is why you need to be very careful.

2-      Flexibility
When looking for shoes for lower back pain, flexibility is the most important factor to consider. If the shoes are more flexible, it will put less strain on your spine which will automatically reduce the chances of having back pain.

3-      Stability
Without proper balance, there is no purpose of having that shoe. Instead, you might just end up injuring more than just the spine.

4-      Insole

Insoles need to be of good quality to make sure that they absorb shocks and provide a cushion between your feet and the rough terrain that you walk on.

5-      Measure your feet
One thing that you should never compromise on is the size of your shoe. Some people tend to buy shoes even if it isn’t their size, just because they like it and their own size isn’t available. Shoes that don’t fit right can lead to a lot of issues in addition to just back pain.

The real task, however, is to choose the best pair of shoes in the wide range of brands available. If you are one of those struggling to choose between the best brands then no need to worry anymore. We have listed down some of the top rated shoes that are sure to meet your expectations. So, go through the article and find yourself the best that suits you.

Best Shoes for Back Pain Reviews

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 20 Running Shoe

The company ASICS was started in 1949 specifically for basketball shoes, and it started out of a living room but then expanded due to the great demand in Japan. The name is based on a Latin phrase which translates to “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” This brand was created with the motto of providing a healthy and happy lifestyle to its users. Today, the company has a wide line of athletic shoes which guarantee performance and comfort, therefore bringing harmony to the body and soul.

ASCIS Men’s Gel Kayano 20 Running shoes are perfect for people who are suffering from low back pain and especially overpronation.

  • These shoes have been the number one choice for almost two decades now which is enough to speak for its great quality.
  • Lower back pain is in some way or the other related to how your toe fits inside the shoe and functions. Choosing this shoe, therefore, is both functional and practical.

To know if these shoes are meant for you, you just need to ask yourself one thing. Do you have to walk or run over the same kind of terrain throughout the day? If the answer is yes, then these are the shoes that you need to buy.

  • ASCIS offers an ideal cushioning inside the shoes for a comfortable fit and grip of the feet. When you wear the shoes, you will find enough space for the foot to expand without the toe pressing hard against the front end.
  • It has a shock absorber too so if you happen to jump sudden or come in contact with something; your feet will stay protected. If we look at the downside to this shoe, then the material may be one because damping material makes it heavy at some time.

New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

New Balance is a big name in the U.S and in probably the oldest brand that is manufacturing athletic shoes for their customers. Their shoes can be worn by any person and of any profession, but the comfort and design have been done keeping in mind the tiring routine of athletes.

If you are someone that looks for style and comfort both in one pair, then this is the perfect choice for you. New Balance MW928 look as much stylish as the offer toe protection.

  • They offer double protection and a double benefit; you are not only protecting your toes but at the same time it gives a comfortable cushioning for your feet which is exactly what is a need for a smooth foot movement.
  • These shoes are ideal for travelers and people who especially have to walk a lot.

For instance, professional people who have to keep on their feet all day long must buy this one pair of super comfortable shoes. If you are a tour guide or a sports instructor, these shoes will surely give you the comfort that you always look for throughout your day.

  • These shoes have special additional features like the Rollbar technology and Abzorbmidfoot cushioning. Now, if you read about both these features, you will get to know how useful and beneficial these are. Both providing maximum protection for your toe fingers and making sure that you don’t face any injury whatsoever.
  • In addition to this, it helps to keep your feet stable, and the leather inside gives a great grip as well for running.
  • It clearly is one of the best options out there because it not only has a super comfort technology but at the same time is odor and shock resistant too; so no worrying even if you have a long day at work.

Now that we have gone over the pros of these shoes, in order to decide it is important to look at the downside of it as well. With these shoes, the only negative point is the price of these shoes which can be a little out of budget for some people. But then again, this is a one-time investment and that too for your health so when you know it will last a long time, spending a few extra dollars is surely worth it.

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoe

This is yet another article by the brand New Balance, but this one is more for simple walking purposes and not the extreme purpose of running. The shoes are great for lower back pain, and when you once start wearing these shoes, you will never want to wear anything else.

  • It has the best cushioning feature, and this very feature helps to relieve back pain and also prevent it. When we can spend our day in normal shoes and get through it somehow, imagine the comfort it and great feeling it would bring if you start wearing a perfectly cushioned pair of shoes.
  • The great combination of features like ABZORB midsole cushioning, strike path outsole, padded tongue and the collar/walk specific footbed is sure to bring in a massive positive difference in your back pain.

These shoes are not just about eliminating the chances of having lower back pain but at the same time prevent foot pain. Foot pain is somehow linked to the whole body posture because if we are not able to put pressure on our feet, we will never be able to walk straight.

  • These shoes have abundant padding which makes it great for you if you like to walk for long hours.
  • It is a great investment because the durable quality of shoes means that you can use it for months to come and even years.

Also, these shoes have a design which can work both for work and even casual days out from home; the stylish design doesn’t make it a bad choice for even going out so that you don’t have to compromise on your comfort any time of the day.

Orthofeet Chelsea Comfort Orthopedic Diabetic Orthotic Women’s Loafers

Women tend to look for shoes that are a complete package in the form of offering comfort as well as style; since women find it hard to compromise on their style.

  • These loafers are a perfect choice for women who want to walk and run throughout the day without worrying about their feet.
  • These shoes provide the best protection with perfect cushioning and enough space for your insoles. It has the best arch support as well along with the best protection for your pressure points.
  • With these shoes, you are sure to enjoy a perfect fit providing a perfect grip for your feet. It is manufactured with an orthotic gel that has a relaxing effect on your feet and facilitates your foot motion.
  • The deep toe box space inside the shoe relaxes your toe for additional comfort.

New Balance Women’s WW928 Health Walking Lace-Up Sneaker

Where New Balance manufactures for men, at the same time it keeps in mind the female customers and the requirements which they have for their demanding jobs these days. This new article by the company is the best looking amongst the previous ones of the same line and offers better value.

  • It has the best arch support and controlling motion.
  • The shoe is best to walk on rough surfaces and can be worn all day long without feeling heavy.
  • There is a wide availability of colors to choose from for instance black, white and beige; all of which complement different attires.
  • These sneakers can be worn at day and night, enhancing your performance throughout the day.

The shoes as mentioned earlier all have an above four star rating and have great reviews by the people who have used them. So, decide today and make your purchase to start a relaxing lifestyle.