Best Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy 2018 Reviews

Everyone has the right to wear good and comfortable shoes, but patients who have diabetic foot neuropathy should compulsory wear invaluable shoes for keeping their feet in excellent condition. Patients with diabetic neuropathy feel more numbness and tingling in their feet because of the nerve disease. The disease also increases the burning pain and patients have difficulty in controlling their blood sugar. The disease affects the nerves of the human body, but it mostly affects the nerves in the feet. The numbness injures the feet, and this untreated injury welcomes bacteria that cause infection. Hence the best shoes for diabetic neuropathy are a dire need for the ones who are diabetic.

best shoes for diabetic neuropathy


Best Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy


The diabetic patient suffers more because there is less supply of blood to its feet that creates the problem in controlling the virus and it keeps on increasing. It is the reason selecting the right kind of shoes is very necessary to keep your feet in excellent condition. The pair of shoes should give you the comfort and support that your feet require each day. It is not about the style of the boots. Instead, the satisfaction matters more.

The shoes must not have any blisters that can cut the feet and create more problems for your skin. You can buy sneakers from a good company that especially considers the needs of different people while making the product. Your toes would feel better if you would wear the shoes are for taking care of them. The shoes have enough space so the feet with socks can easily breathe within the boots.

5 Best Shoes for Diabetic Neuropathy Reviews

Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Diabetic patients should wear something comfortable, and Reebok shoes fulfill that promise by providing the product that is synthetic. The imported shoes have the rubber sole, and there is leather on the upper side. The low-cut design and the Dmx ride technology give the boots a distinctive quality that is suitable for patients. Beveled heel construction technique has produced a perfect match for people who want to walk without any worry. The outsole of the shoes is oil-and slip-resistant that means there is no danger of catching an infection and the boots will remain durable and work with excellent traction.  The boots enhance the walking stride of patients. There are some sizes available in the market. The product is only available in $29.99-$69.99 and gives you the right value for your money. The lace to lace distance is 10mm wide that provide enough flexibility for the feet. The inner sole of the shoe is soft and well padded. It protects the nerve from damaging and the person warning it to feel better. It is the perfect pair of footwear who wants to enjoy outdoor activities with their family member without any danger that the shoe would rip their feet.

Skechers Performance Men’s Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

The next shoes in the list are Skechers performance imported shoes made with textile technique. These boots are available in navy and grey colors and cost $41.36-$90.00 that is not very high cost. The pair of shoes come with 1.5-inch heal measurement and the sole made of rubber. The shoes are lightweight slip-on shoes that are perfect for walking. There is yoga mat insole that is of full-length in the upper mesh. The heel and vamp are of memory-foam cushion that provides relief for the feet. The slip-on construction offers easy on/off ability wearing the shoes. The fabric trim and technology pampers the skin of the diabetic patient during the whole day. The Resalyte technology used in shoes has made an excellent impact absorption quality within the pump. The sneakers ensure flexibility of walking and prove very responsive for enhancing the overall experience of walking with the shoes. All the patients who prefer endurance and soothe must buy these shoes as they would give you an excellent knowledge of living life with diabetes. You even can wear the boots without wearing any socks, and they would maintain your overall position while standing or walking on the ground.

Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoe

The imported Reebok women shoes are synthetic and made with rubber sole. Reebok shoes cost $41.99-$99.99 with white and black color. The boots are finely lace-up monochromatic boots that have toe bumper and padded collar. There is outsole that is oil-and-slip resistant, and the beveled heel generates enough momentum for the feet. Women with diabetes can wear it anytime during the office hour as they feel very supportive and flexible. You would have confidence wearing the shoes and would not face any problem walking with the shoes. The product would not prove hard or very soft as it would give you the right comfort that your feet deserve. You would not have and arch strain and heel spur as the shoes are made to protect you from such conditions. The boots have heels that crate no kind of the pain in the feet and prove very comfy. They are perfect for going out for party or outing with a friend. The shoes are of the material that would comfort the skin of diabetic patients while they are working. However, it is much advisable not to wear the shoes when there is more active running, or continuous walk is required.

Annie-X Lycra Velcro Double Depth Therapeutic Diabetic Women’s Shoe Dr. Comfort

The next shoes in the list are for women who are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes in diabetes. Dr. Comfort Annie-X Women’s shoes are of Lycra shoe cover, and that is padded lining on the cover that looks beautiful. The shoes carried the exceptional quality of material and made with sophisticated craftsmanship that protects the feet from blisters. The protective shield of boots also brings much comfort, and the patients feel no kind of stress while wearing the shoes. The shoes are available in black color in $139.00. All the women who have enlarged ankles and feet must buy these shoes as these boots are made especially for such body shape. The product can easily accommodate AFO’s and other internal braces. It would prove best in severe oedema and other conditions. The shoes carry lightweight that means you would not panic wearing them. The casual look enables the patient to wear it in official place.  The size of shoes range between 5.5-11 and the width falls in D, 2E, and 4E. The half inch built-in design makes the boots breathable and completely stretchable. It is one of the most popular pairs of shoes designed for women with diabetes who wants to enjoy stretchy fabric within the boots.

Performance Slip-on Go Walk 3 Walking Shoe by Skechers for Women

The next pair of shoes again falls in women wear category that is available in $39.95-$100.00. The turquoise colored shoes are of mesh fabric and synthetic material. These imported shoes had the rubber sole and went with a structure that is entirely breathable. The shoes carry lightweight and give a cooling comfort to the feet. There is mesh fabric on the upper side of the boots. The memory foam padding around the shoe heel brings a comfortable feel and proves fit for the feet. The structure is in a trimmed condition, and the heel panel is synthetically stable. You would have an enjoyable experience of walking as the company has used Goimpulse and integrated Goga pillars sensors.  The padded heel cup remains fit and gives you comfort while walking. The stitching details on the upper side of the boots create beauty on the shoes, and the vast inner part of shoe brings enough support for the feet. You would not face any problem in wearing in and out the boots, and there would be no damage while wearing the shoes. The absorption and cushion support of shoes would give you an entirely different experience that you would not have earlier.


The shoes should also give you comfort while walking as it is the main reason you are wearing shoes. There should not be any abnormalities such as high arch and bunion. You can see which of the company is using advanced technology for designing shoes for providing support for your feet. Considering the gait of your feet is very important, and the shoes must not create any injury while you walk wearing the boots. While going for shopping, you have to buy the pair of shoes that would have a quality material used for increasing support for your feet. There should not be any irritation or infection caused by the shoes.

Diabetic patients can have swelling and redness on their feet, so it is better to wear the boots when the entire feet get into a good state. The shoes mentioned above would for sure make a difference in the neuropathy pain. They have all the unique features that best shoes for diabetic patients should wear. Your feet would get the relief by wearing the boots, and you would be happy to wear them all the day. The shoes prove bearable for diabetic patients. Whether you want to walk in the sunshine on the street or go for a morning walk in the nearby garden, the shoes would not let you in trouble. The material used in making shoes is highly durable and give you satisfaction about spending your money in the right direction.