Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete 2018 Reviewed

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

All the people who walk on concrete can feel tired and pain in their feet because of walking on the hard surface. The inadequate support provided by the shoes make it more difficult for the shoes to walk back and forth. However, your life can be easier when you wear well cushioned and supportive pair of shoes. You will experience that wearing the right kind of shoes will lead to lesser pain in the heels and arches. Your ankles and balls will stay in a comfortable position. Good shoes make a great difference in the movement of a person. However, it is a tough task to find out the shoes that can give you enough comfort on concrete and reduce the chances of chronic pain.

best shoes for walking on concrete

What to Look for in Shoes for Walking on Concrete?

Support System of Arch

If the arch of the shoes then it will keep the feet in good shape. Therefore, you must buy the shoes that come with this feature highlighted by the company properly or as the main feature.

Shock Absorption

The feet wearing a hard shoe will suffer more with the shocks that the feet experience with each step. Buying the shoes with an even spread of the shock absorbent is good quality as the feet will not have much stress with it.

Rounded Sole

The next feature is the rounded sole that can create an environment for the feet within the shoes. If the sole is rounded, the person wearing the shoes will feel more comfortable walking on the concrete surface.

Cushioned Midsole

The shoes with cushioned midsole can give you a good feeling because if the cushion is less, then your feet will feel irritated. The feet will stay in a good position on the softer surface and walk on the surface will be easy.

Rigid Front

The shoes should also not have the soft front as you have to move on the hard surface. The softer front will only injure your toes so try wearing shoes with the rigid front. The other sides of the shoes also matter, but as the surface is not soft, then you must buy the shoes that are ready to face the hard surface.

Fit and Appropriate

Many times, we only see the features covering the comfort of the shoes and do not pay attention other things. However, it should not be the least thing as it the shoes do not fit on your feet, they will hurt you more. Buy the shoes that provide comfort to your feet.

You must also avoid shoes with high heels because you need to walk a lot. Two inches of heels are also good to wear on hard surface. Flat shoes will work best for the arch of your feet. Doubled soled shoes will offer you protection on the concrete surface. You should also check your weight and see which of the shoes have the ability to balance your weight. Shoes with enough breathability will reduce pressure on your feet, and you will not suffer from injuries.

There are a number of different brands that produced the shoes that you can easily wear on the concrete surface. You must feel engaging pleasantly by wearing the shoes.

Comfortable Shoes

Concrete surface can be cold as it is a hard surface. It is the reason; you must buy the shoes that fit properly and reduce the disadvantage. There must be a level of comfort between the shoes and the surface created by the material of the shoes. There should be no worry of experiencing any pain in the feet.


Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day Reviewed


Men’s  Workplace Walking Shoe with Gel Foundation by ASICS

When everyone is concerned with style of walking shoe, they can get satisfaction by wearing ACIS Men’s Gel Foundation Workplace Walking shoes.

  • The company has developed the shoes by using real and synthetic leather for making it easy and clean.
  • There are two layers of comfortable memory foam that are attached to the wearer heel.
  • People who are looking for great fit can find it suitable for them as the sole of the shoe mold to feet. Further, the perfect fit becomes strong because of the lace of shoes that a person can tighten or loosen.
  • The midsole of the shoe supports the overall foundation and balance for getting the support of arch.
  • The liner of the shoe keeps the feet dry throughout the entire day.
  • There are two different cushioning systems that are located on the back and front side for giving additional absorption.
  • The shoes are available in three different colors: black, brown and neutral colors. It is the best pair for all who have pain in the foot that create hurdles in walking on concrete.
  • The rubber sole of the shoes and 12.8 oz weight create ease for the human body to walk easily.
  • It also has perforation details and the logo of the company on it. The padded tongue and the collar further additionally beautify the shoes.

All who find it difficult to walk on concrete can feel comfortable walking by wearing ACIS Men’s Gel Foundation Workplace Walking shoes.

Alegria Women’s Emma Clog

Most of the time, working women suffer from discomfort because of the substandard shoes. They want to wear the shoes with a professional style but cannot do that because of all the expensive options in the market. You can have the elegance by wearing this shoe pair without compromising on the comfortable feeling you want to have after wearing the shoes.

  • There are a number of colors and designs available in the shoes that women admire. It is available in patent black leather, navy black, and bronze floral.
  • You have a dressy look as the shoes have 1. 75 heels with hidden cushioning.
  • It has stain resistance wedges that prove great for rainy days and parties outside the home. If you want to walk on the slick surface, then the outsole can be a great addition for you. You can try the half size of the shoes for running and then try slightly large size.
  • The shoes provide additional support as there is an option of taking out the insole and replacing it with a custom orthotic.
  • It is made of synthetic material, rubber sole, and removable memory foam footbed.
  • It also has slip-resistant PU outsole for giving you a relaxed feeling for the entire day.

You can also have the exceptional comfort by wearing the Alegria Women’s Emma Clog that can give you perfect fit. Be sure to ask for additional concern from the company before buying the product.

Make Your Path SN Men’s Slip-on by Rockport

People not only like to look professional, but they also like wearing serious cushioning. Fantastically, people can now fulfill the desire as Rockport Men’s Make Your Path SN Slip-on Loafer that is available in elegant black and brown colors. It gives a sharp look of leather with its design without the lace.

  • The shoes are extremely flexible and give the desirable pleasure. You can have the right grip while walking on different surfaces.
  • All who have worn the shoes praise its quality of walk for hours. It is one of the excellent choices for all who want to keep working in the office made with the concrete surface.
  • It is made of leather, synthetic sole and ethylene sole that absorbs the lightweight shocks for reducing the fatigue of foot and leg.
  • The mesh lining of the shoes has the moisture that ensures breathability of the feet.
  • The shape of the foot also remains in a personalized comfort because of the memory foam cushioning.
  • The strobe construction of the shoes gives flexibility to the feet.
  • It has the perfect design system that gives enough comfort need for the foot to walk on concrete.
  • You can enjoy the ultra-soft foam of the infused insole for confirming the shape.

The materials of the shoes are flexing with technical engineering for giving you the freedom you need. The company has focused on each of the element of the shoes for providing you best functional support. Enjoy wearing the light weighted shoes with its versatile looks and shape for forefoot flexibility.

Everlay Coda Women’s Flat by Clarks

The next shoes perfectly designed with cute ruching details on the upper side are for all who want trendy flat shoes for a trendy look.

  • The shoes have the cushioning that your feet need for reducing the pain.
  • The comfy clogs of the shoes can make your feet look bigger than their actual size.
  • The shoes also maintain dryness within that keeps the feet dry in the hot and humid environment. Your feet will stay feeling cozy no matter you stand all the day on the concrete floor.
  • The shoes are made of pure leather with a rubber sole with 1” measurement of heels. T
  • he soft cushion and the ortholite footbed give you the feeling you need with its stretch gore and hook-and-loop strap.
  • The height of the heel is 1.37”, and it is an adjustable fit for the feet.
  • The lining of the shoes is made of soft fabric, and the cushion gives complete comfort.

You can wear the shoes with separate jeans and have an easy walk anywhere. The shoes are perfect for office because of its subtle design. It is necessary to check the warranty of the shoes before buying them for the online market. Wear the shoes that are a good fit for your feet. Try the shoes before buying for getting the right pair.

Men’s Slip-On Encore Gust by Merrell

Comfort should not only be the only standards of shoes, as it is more important for them to be functional. This is exactly the right product for all who are looking for such shoes.

  • There are no laces with the shoes that reduce the worry to tie them.
  • The system of ortholitefootbed supports the anatomy for supporting and comforting feet.
  • Your feet stay odor free because of the materials used in building the shoes. The microbial solution enhances the overall absorption of sweat without creating an unpleasant odor. You can easily remove the air at night by putting the shoes on a side.
  • Brown and black colored shoes also give a professional look in the official setting.
  • The heel of the shoes is also not very high that makes it easy to walk.
  • The little height makes you feel good, and the air cushion helps you walk on the concrete slab.
  • The leather is full grain, and the shoes have M-selected Grip sole.
  • The shoes have supportive sole with polished slip and padded collar.
  • There is Merrell air cushion that helps in absorbing the sudden shocks.
  • You can walk with enough stability and comfort because of the compressed molded EVA foot frame.
  • The ortholitefootbed and the outsole of the shoes deliver the required flexibility for reducing the fatigue of the parts of the foot.
  • The shoes keep the feet dry because of its breathable mesh lining. It has molded nylon arch shank that keeps the feet in comfort.



There is no need to buy the shoes with a work of art, but there must be a style of shoes that can complement your personality. It must reflect your personality and give you an expression. The shoes must be durable and not break from any side while you are walking. Analyze the products that we have research about that which of the product gives you the durable service for a longer term. You can also get the information from the online reviews of the customers available on online store. The budget and the cost of the product also matter a lot, it is the reason, and we recommend you to buy the product that gives you the service in your budget. Do not go for the extra cheaper product as the company can compromise with the quality of the product.  The best shoes for walking on concrete must fulfill the need for constant comfort during your job or any other activity. No matter you are old or young; purchase the shoes that are made for according to your requirements.