Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women Reviews

Before reviewing the best slip resistant shoes for women in detail lets go back in time where women were not part of the workforce that much. In medieval times women were considered inferior to men. Society was of the view that women should not do jobs it is the duty of men to earn for the whole household. Most of the women in those days were housewives. With the passage of time and as the world changed the mindset of people also changed. Today we can see that women are doing jobs and contributing to the earnings of their house. Many women work for several hours for which they need the most comfortable non slip shoes, which provide resistance and don’t skid.

best slip resistant shoes for women

Wearing comfortable shoes is very important. Women wearing heels often suffer from problems, not only is it difficult to walk in heels there are several other medical problems related to heels. Heels damage your nails. When you are wearing heels, your body weight is acting on your toes which can cause knee and hip pain also wearing heels for a long time can lead to problems in bones. Instead, you should wear nonslip shoes that have many benefits.

So what exactly are nonslip shoes? These are basically slip-resistant shoes. The tread on the sole of these shoes is designed in such a way that it reduces friction and stops you from slipping even on the wet or slippery surface. These shoes are best for those who work in food service, catering, healthcare, and construction sites. So how do these shoes work? The tread on the sole of these shoes does all the work.

These shoes have deeper tread grooves. When you step on the ground, these deep groves grip the ground. This increases the friction, and you don’t slip. So the more grooves you have on your shoes, the more grip you have. The shapes on the tread also matter. If you have different shapes made on your sole then it provides more grip, however, if you have a flat design then it does not push the liquid away which increases your chance of slipping on a wet surface.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women

You can simply tell by looking at your shoes if they will provide the grip or not. If your shoe is flat and has no designs, then your shoes will provide almost no grip on the other hand if you compare it to a shoe that has deep grooves and designs made on its bottom then it will provide you grip. If you are running, then it will grip the ground also on the wet surface it will push the liquid away which will save you from slipping.

To test the grip of both the shoes wear a slip resistant shoe on one foot and a regular shoe on the other. Then try to slip both the feet on the ground the shoe with treads will instantly gripping the ground preventing you from slipping because of its groves whereas the regular shoe with a flat surface will slip easily. The material of these shoes resists slipping and the high quality rubber used for making the sole even resists slipping on greasy surfaces.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes for Women at Work Reviewed

Here are some great slip-resistant shoes for you to try:


Work Women’s Compulsions-Indulgent shoe

These shoes are very stylish and have a very good grip. These shoes are designed to provide grip even on the most slippery surfaces. The sole of these sporty sneakers is very comfortable and allows you to work even a double shift very comfortably. The base of this shoe has a unique tread design with deep grooves which provide you with maximum grip and prevents you from slipping even on wet surfaces. The inside of this shoe is padded with very soft cushions which support your feet from every angle and gives you comfort.

The inner surface is made with extreme care and in such a way that your feet don’t hurt even if you wear them in a double shift. The sole of this shoe is flexible, and it has special tread design which makes it slip resistant. Also, the sole is made up of high-quality rubber. The rest of the shoe is made up of fabric and high-quality leather which makes it both durable and comfortable. This shoe is imported. It is flexible, lightweight and breathable. It provides the great amount of traction on all surfaces. Also, it feels warm and cozy because of its cushion padding on the inside. On inquiry from users of this shoe, they told that they wore it for more than five years and the next time they went to buy a shoe they bought the compulsion indulgent shoe again. The price tag on this shoe is $ 110.


Townforst Women’s Slip – Oil Resistant Flat Non-Slip Boot


This show has a sole made out of rubber compound. Townforst’s research center made this shoe after trying it on all type of wet and greasy surfaces. Though the groves on this shoe are not very deep, the microscopic tread pattern provides you with all grip you need when you wear these shoes. The upper part of this shoe is made up of high-quality patent leather which is both very comfortable and stylish. You can wear this shoe even after work because its design provides you with all the style you need.

These slip-resistant shoes provide shock absorption, and they are so lightweight that sometimes you don’t even feel that you are wearing shoes.  It has a flexible midsole which adds to its comfort level. Also, the inside of the shoe is padded with the very comfortable cushion which is made up of memory foam, even after wearing it for several hours you still feel very comfortable. The cushioned insole makes your feet warm and cozy in cold weather, and the pores in the shoes make it very breathable.

When the professional slip test was conducted this shoe reached the highest level of slip test, it passed the most slip test on every kind of surface thus defeating its competitors. It is because of these qualities that professional of restaurants, hotels, healthcare and service industry chose this shoe as it provides them with both comforts in double shifts and grips an all surfaces. Since this shoe is made up of high-quality material, it is very durable. The price tag on this shoe ranges from $ 20 to $ 35.


Work Women’s Slip Resistant Shoe Sure Track by Sketchers


This shoe is designed in such a way that it gives space to your feet and gives it a relaxed fit which you find very comfortable if you have to move or stand for a long period of time. The grove in the sole of this shoe grips the ground and prevents the user from slipping. The inside of this shoe is padded with cushion. The cushion is made up of high-quality memory foam which proves itself very comfortable when you wear it for a long period of time or in double shifts. The sole of this shoe is made up of a very high-quality rubber which is known as Nitrile rubber, both the tread pattern made on the lower surface if this shoe and the rubber work together to give the user of this exceptional shoe grip no matter on what type of surface is she walking.  Though the design of the shoe is rugged and the leather is solid, but the shoe is still very comfortable.

Apart from being slip resistant, it provides other benefits to your feet. It has the protective leather toe and heel overlay. The leather toe protects your toes and keep them cozy also the padding inside the shoe supports your feet and toe, the heel overlay supports your heel in such a way that pain is eliminated from your heels and you can stand comfortably. This shoe has Sketchers tag on its side. This shoe provides maximum durability and comfort because the midsole of this shoe is shock absorbent and provides you with comfort, style, and grip. The price tag on this shoe ranges from $ 37 to $ 100.


SR Max Rialto Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker


First of all, this shoe is a budget-friendly shoe. The low price of this shoe does not mean that this shoe is of low quality or it is not comfortable or durable. This shoe has black stitching accent on it. This shoe has a low profile and works very well as a non-slip shoe. It uses the top-notch nonslip technology to provide proper grip on surfaces with water, oil, grease or any other slippery surface. Its insole is molded and has EVA in the sole which is removable. It also has a nylon mesh inside it which makes it breathable and airy.

The design of this shoe is very sporty, and it provides you with all the style you need. They don’t even look like work shoes you can easily wear them anywhere you want even after work you will look very stylish. The shoe is very lightweight and does not feel uncomfortable, or it does not cause pain in your feet even after wearing it for several hours.

Though this shoe is not padded with the memory foam cushion, it is still very comfortable, and lightweight does not make you comfortable. This shoe is best for those who work in restaurants, hotels, construction sites, etc. Also, the high-quality material makes the shoe very durable. The price tag on this shoe is $ 40.


Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Women’s Shoe

The sole of this shoe is made up of synthetic rubber with deep grooves. It has a tread pattern with different shapes on its sole which grip even microscopic grains and provide you with extra grip on wet, oily, greasy and any other slippery surface where regular shoes fail to provide grip. The design of this shoe is electrical hazard safe design. The outer sole provides great traction and makes the shoe slip resistant. The upper part of the shoe is made up of smooth rubber. The inner side of the shoe is padded with high-quality cushions which are very soft and are made up of memory foam, and it is because of this padding that this shoe is very comfortable and provides comfort even if you have to wear it all day long.

It has stitching accent on it. This shoe is not slip on. Instead, it has laces which ensure that the shoe stays on and does not slip off your foot.  It has a mini side perforated panel which provides the cooling effect and ventilates the inner space of the shoe. It has an ‘S’ logo on the side which adds to its attractiveness. The shoe has a padded collar and tongue this keeps the feet cozy and warm and also support your feet so that the pain in them is eliminated.

The shoe has a soft fabric lining which adds to its comfort. Also, the insole can easily be removed. The heel of the shoe is 1 inch high. The shoe has a relaxed design due to this design the inner side becomes roomier. The midsole of this shoe is made up of Flex sole which is flexible and shock absorbent. Apart from all this, the shoe is very lightweight and comfortable. The high-quality material used to make this shoe makes it very durable. This shoe is best for those people who work on construction sites or those who have to walk more. The price tag on this shoe ranges from $ 42.48 to $ 114. Thus these are the most expensive shoes in our list.



So why should you choose slip-resistant shoes? First of all, slip, resistant shoes are very comfortable. They are very stylish and can be used even after work. Employees working in different fields use these slip-resistant shoes as they reduce accidents, these accidents might hurt you, so slip-resistant shoes are ‘lifesavers.’  These shoes have special compounds on their sole apart from this the high-quality rubber, and the micro channel tread gives the shoes exceptional grip which can be very useful for those working in moist or slippery conditions. Slips are the major reason for many injuries they might also prove to be fatal.

This is where nonslip shoes come in. Non slip boots & sneakers provide the firm grip in every condition and can save you from injury, or it can even save your life. The treat pattern should be observed to tell if the shoes provide the grip or not. The circle grip pattern should be chosen the circle acts as a moving bad. When each step is taken the water from under the feet Is rapidly dispersed due to which the circular tread pattern. Just like car tires your shoes also need to be changed. After using the car tire for a long time, its treads start to thin which shows that the tire is wearing out just like this when the treads of the shoes begin to lose their depth it means that they are also losing grip so you should also change your shoes when this starts to happen. It also depends on the type of surface you often are on.

If you are on a rough surface, then your shoes will wear out more quickly than if you are on a smooth surface. It is also very important that you take care of your heel if you are going to stay on feet all day then you would not want your heels to hurt so choosing the shoes with the right amount of inner cushioning is very important. You should choose a shoe with enough amount of cushion in the heel area that it does not hurt your heel even if you wear it all day long. If you are working in a hospital than you should wear non slip shoes because even a little bit of liquid on the vinyl floor of the hospital can easily make you slip and can also get you injured. Slip-resistant shoes are also very durable.

They are basically working shoes and go through vigorous tests to meet the standard of serving as work shoes thus they are very tough and durable. At last, everything depends on your comfort because you have to work. So you should choose the shoe which suits you best and makes you feel comfortable for a long time. These non slip shoes for women are slip-resistant work boots which are now becoming very common in the corporate sector especially.