Best Tennis Shoes for Women Reviews

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Tennis is popular in men and women equally and is popular in almost every part of the world. Tennis is not as physically demanding as football and rugby. That is the reason it is free of gender difference and everyone likes it equally. Women are participating in Tennis more and more because of the ease and convenience of this game. Most of the people know that tennis does not require much equipment to compete properly. However, a good racket can take you a long way in a competition. One of the amazing things of tennis is that it does not require special or expensive outfits like in hockey or football which require cover up for knees, shoulders etc. However, best tennis shoes for women are one of those things which require special attention if you want to play tennis. A good pair of shoes is important for a better performance in tennis. The reason is that some shoes have better grip on tennis court then other ones. You need to be careful while purchasing tennis shoes.

best tennis shoes for women

How to buy Tennis Shoes?

A few things should be kept in mind when you are buying tennis shoes and a list of those important features is given below. You can purchase the right pair of shoes even if you are a beginner by simply following these.

Important factors to consider

You will have to move really fast or have to stop suddenly because tennis requires you to do so. You can find different shoe style of tennis, and those are given below.

Specific Style

You need to realize that tennis shoes are specifically designed to play on court surface and the way your feet move while playing tennis. Simple sneakers can never be an alternative to specific tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are more flat and have specific design on the sole to give you more protection and swiftness. Tennis shoes are sturdier while other playing shoes are made with more cushioning to protect injury.

Type of Court Surface

The other important thing to consider while purchasing tennis shoes is the type of court surface you are playing on. You buy more durable shoes or shoes which provide more traction all depends on the type of court. There are following types of court.

Soft Court

These types of the court also known as clay court and these require shoes to be more traction focused, so you don’t slip on the court.

Hard Court

These courts are mainly designed with concrete and require shoes to be more durable and resilient against the hard court. If you are going to play on hard court, you should consider shoes with harder outsole and sturdier upper.


Multi-court shoes make the player able to play on the different surfaces without having to worry about changing shoes.

Foot Type

There are different types of feet, and one should always consider the shape of one’s feet before buying a pair of tennis shoes. Three types of feet are neutral, over-pronation and under-pronation.

  • Neutral

These types of feet are easiest to find shoes for because neutral feet have moderate space available in feet arch.

  • Over-pronation

You feet are over-pronated if you don’t have enough space available in feet arch and people with these feet need tennis shoes which stabilize their gait.

  • Under-pronation

If the arch is greater, your feet are under-pronated which means you need to have flexible shoes for these types of feet.

Wet Test

If you don’t know the type of feet you have then you can determine it simply by wet test. Just wet your feet and leave your feet imprints on a construction paper. You will see the imprint telling you about the type of your feet.

Playing Method

You also need to consider your playing style before choosing tennis shoes. There are two types of player which need different types of shoes.

  • Serve and Volley Player

These types of player charge the net often. The player has to slide the back foot on the court which means the player needs to get his toe protected. The shoes are called reinforced toe shoes and have medial inside the arch.

  • Baseline Player

These types of player require shoes which provide lateral support because these players mostly play along the back line of the court. The lateral motion by these players also requires durable shoes. The reason is that constant lateral motion can cause damage to sole and hence those will wear out easily.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Even after knowing all the features of best shoes, it is not easy to find the best pair of shoes, that’s why we tried to help you in this domain also. In order to help you find the best tennis shoe available for women, a list of these shoes is devised and you can choose the pair which you like the best. You will find all the features, pros and cons of these shoes so you can choose the one which suits best to your need. Take a look at this list and decide for yourself.

GEL-Dedicate 4 by ASICS

These shoes are made by Japanese brand, and the brand has promised to give you the best possible shoes.


The sole of these shoes is made of solid rubber which helps the player achieve the traction which is important for playing on soft courts. The shoes also have soft gel in it which provides cushioning to front of your shoes which is good for the serve and volley player. The best part about these shoes is mid-foot Trusstic System included in these shoes which provide extra support because it run along the length of feet. It also protects you from getting your feet injured or strained. The shock absorption is also commendable. The leather used in these shoes also provides durability and traction. You need to use these shoes in order to find out the perfection and amazing qualities of these shoes.


Following are the best qualities that ASICS GEL-Dedicate 4 has.

  • The shoes are durable which means you can use it for a longer period of time.
  • The Tusstic system not only provides support but it also provides propulsion and lifts to the player which is essential in tennis playing.
  • The super soft gel used in these shoes provides extra cushioning and support.
  • Leather mesh used in the shoes does not only provide flexibility, but it is also highly breathable and does not make your feet sweat during a game.


It has the following drawbacks:

  • These are mainly made for beginners and entry-level players.
  • Color options are limited.

T22 Women’s Tennis Shoe by Prince

As the name represents these shoes are known to be women’s prince shoes. These are meant to be one of the best shoes which a women can wear while playing tennis. It has following features, pros and cons.


These are the best shoes for players who have overpronated feet. These are lightweight which means these are stabilizing and strengthening because of the technology used in it. You see it has mid sole with shock eraser which has greater shock absorption qualities. These shoes have maximum shock absorption capacity on the heels so you can have protected feet. These shoes also have shank functions which go along the length of your feet so you have maximum support and stability. This shank also provides lateral and medial stability so you are stabilized on your feet while playing. The built-in toe cap is also an amazing addition so you don’t hurt your toes with stubbing. Breathability is higher to keep your feet cool during warm weather as well as to provide you ventilation.


The T22 women’s tennis shoes have following best qualities which can’t be ignored.

  • Breathability is higher and gives you odorless feet even during summer.
  • These shoes are made of synthetic material and mesh which mean higher breathability as well as incredible durability.
  • These shoes have PRC 1000 out sole which is amazing for playing on any surface like soft court or even on hard court. It means you can use only one pair of shoes to play on multiple courts.
  • These shoes offer 6 months guarantee.


These shoes have following drawbacks.

  • A few customers client complained about shoes not being true to its size.

Air Zoom Vapor Tennis Court by Nike

When it comes to best shoes, Nike’s name is never left behind. Nike has built shoes for every sport and you can find every kind of shoes by Nike. Nike’s Air Zoom Vapor Court shoes are best for playing.


The rubber sole used in these shoes is amazing to give you more durable shoes than your previous ones. The exterior is made of synthetic leather which make the shoe last longer. The leather is also used on the higher area so you don’t have to worry about shoes wearing out form any side. The design is minimalist and shoes are very lightweight and have a lot of padding to make your feet protected. These are made of beginners and entry level players because of the minimum shock absorption properties. These are also more for fatigue reduction and less for an aggressive game. You can use these for a game on weekend with your family. These have Phylon full length foam mid-sole which make these lighter and comfortable.


Most amazing qualities of these shoes are given below.

  • Extremely lightweight and make you quicker and flexible while playing.
  • Comfortable fit and the shoe remains true to its size.
  • Durable and you can use it for a longer period of time.
  • The leather exterior makes it resistant to many dirt particles or even if you spill your drink on it.


There are a few cons to purchasing these shoes.

  • Not made for rigorous training or an aggressive game.
  • These do not provide much shock absorption.
  • No toe-cap inclusion.


RYKA Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe


These shoes are designed by a brand which is familiar with the female feet anatomy as well as the likes and dislikes of women in particular. These shoes are exception because women will feel these shoes specifically designed for their feet after they start using it.


These shoes have rzx technology which is like a revolution in shoe making technology and provide you with extra flexibility and cushioning. Most of the shoes provide either flexibility or cushioning at a time but RYKA’s Vida RZX cross-training shoe is amazing to give you both at a time. The rubber out sole made of synthetic rubber gives your shoe comfort and space while bending or twisting your feet. The mesh used in these shoes allows your feet to breathe so you don’t sweat while playing in hot weather. The synthetic upper protect your feet from damage. The padded tongue and collar give extra protection and support to your feet.  Shock absorption is higher because of the anatomical precision-return footbed.


RYKA’s cross-training shoes have following pros.

  • These are designed to provide maximum flexibility and cushioning.
  • The outsole provides flexibility and reduces pressure on your feet while playing.
  • Breathability is higher.
  • Synthetic rubber-sole is good for playing on multi-courts.
  • The pricing is reasonable for such high-quality shoes, and you can find these only around $60-70.
  • Durability is great, and even in the cheaper pricing, you can’t buy shoes as durable as these.


  • Shoe-fit is a problem for some customers.




All these shoes have great usage and are best for playing tennis. You can read all about in the list above and then make an informed decision. Despite of all the qualities mentioned above you should always buy a pair of shoes which is according to your needs and rule the tennis court with these. The above are best tennis shoes for women out there who want to play the game in comfortable footwear.