Best Walking Shoes for High Arches Reviewed 2018

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

Many times, we get a strong feeling of the pain in lower cloves and back of the body after coming back from a regular walk. If the pain lasts for a long time despite using the medical remedies, then you must know that you are not wearing the right kind of shoes. If you have a specific shape of the foot, then you must start consulting with a podiatrist for getting knowledge about the best walking shoes for high arches your feet. While you are walking, your feet need high arch support that is only possible with wearing what the feet deserve.

How to Select the Best Shoes?

There is a huge variety of walking shoes on the market that is available in all shapes and sizes. It is a very daunting task to choose the best from all so we have brought a complete guide for you so you can select the pair of shoes. You can try the different types to get out of the problematic situation you have every time you wear shoes.

The High-Arched Foot:

There is no doubt that one of the troublesome shoes have more arch that lies between the heel of the foot and the forefoot. The foot with a heel that pain more than the regular suffering and the front part of foot stays under stress is called the cavus foot. The midsole of the feet have a cupped shape with a concave surface, and there are separate parts of the foot. Selecting the wrong footwear can give you the awkward gait that can bring more physical pain to the spinal cord. It is important to select the right walking shoes before running to the specialist.

What to Look for in Shoes?

The walking shoes must have the high quality of insole that reduces the problems of the feet. Use cushioning shoes that have the high-arch because they can help you in your everyday walk. Choose the shoes that have a special midsole and insole design for absorbing the shocks. It must have a good tendency of controlling your motion and preventing you from overpronation and supination. The shoes should also prevent you from all kind of problems that can arise in the knees and back. Wear the shoes that can prevent your heel from callus formation, issues related to hip and pain.

The cost of such shoes is high, but they are the one that can give you the high quality of walk without negatively affecting your feet. You can also enjoy the regular morning walks and live a pain-free life in each day of your life. Following is the list of shoes that we have research from a number of different options offered by different companies. You can buy any of the shoes by comparing the features of one brand with other.


5 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches Reviewed


Sketchers Go Walk 2

When we talk about innovation, comfort, and weightless shoes for walking; Sketchers fall first in our category. The award-winning Skechers Company has made a tremendous effort in bringing the right design for you.

  • It has good breathability because of its 4-way stretch mesh and moisture-wicking technology: OrthoLite. The technology combats the odor and makes the shoes more airythat makes is comfortable for the person wearing it throughout the day.
  • The Men Go Walk gives the excellent support to the person who wants to walk comfortably. Your feet stay safe from any kind of fungus and sweat.
  • It also has the absorption, and it focuses on specific points on the skin of the feet with GOimpulse sensors. It provides enough stability to the feet because of its engineered stretch mesh.
  • The innovative design makes it weightless and helps a person walk smoothly and naturally. However, it is not designed for any kind of intense training.
  • The company has used fabric for designing the shoes with rubber sole.
  • The shaft of the shoes is approximately 2.25 from the arch. The platform of the shoes is 0.25.
  • The shoes have a heel-pull loop that is very convenient.
  • The footbed of the shoes is made with Ortholite, and the cushioning is resalyte.
  • The shoes add to the wardrobe because of its synthetic and upper mesh. The midsole of the shoes provides enough traction for the person to use them for a longer period.

You can also add the shoes to your wardrobe and get a gorgeous look.

Vionic Walker Classic

When you want to buy the safest pair of shoes, you will see that Vionic Walker Classic is perfect for your feet. The company has specially designed the shoes with the help of podiatrists for making the shoes that are best for the ailment of the foot.

  • The slip-resistant technology used by the company has successfully designed the shoes with bio-medically removable orthotic and latest Orthaheel stability technology. American Podiatric Medical Association has approved the shoes for its elements of safety.
  • The shoes connect the stride of your feet by supporting the parts of heel with the arch. The slip-resistant technology helps you stay stable in all kinds of conditions of weather.
  • The shoes fight with the odor and other bacteria that can cause rashes on the feet.
  • The shoes are made of leather, and the sole is made of synthetic and rubber.
  • It is available for both men and women; the shock-absorption quality of EVA mid-sole makes it more unique in its function.
  • The outsole of the shoes is made with flexible rubber and upper mesh.
  • The sports style and water-resistant leather also enhance the overall look of the person wearing it. You can also stride yours by wearing the advanced Orthaheel Walker sneakers.
  • The orthaheelmotion-controlling footbed of shoes also have contoured arch that provides enough support to the person wearing it.

The only downfall of the shoes is the sole which is very rigid for high arches. You may find wearing the shoes uncomfortable because of the high arches.

Alegria Paloma Flat

Algeria is famous for designing incredibly comfortable shoes that also prove durable. The technology used in the designing of shoes has made it perfectly comfortable for feet.

  • Nurses and the administration working in hospitals have rated the shoes as the top rated. American Podiatric Medical Association has also approved the shoes because of the health benefits it provides to the feet.
  • The company has used gait altering technology for improving the orthopedic condition and spinal health of a person.
  • It is made with natural grain and amazing ultra-soft Nappa leather for creating a clean and stylish product.
  • The company has completed assembling and manufacturing of the product in the USA.
  • The shoes have style and very good rocker outsole that creates a supportive environment for the feet.
  • The feet can easily breathe in the shoes because of its large toe box.
  • It also comes with removable which allow custom orthotics for reducing the problems in feet.
  • The shoes are made of leather with its rubber and synthetic sole.
  • It also has a cushioned platform with patent-leather.
  • The animal-print leather on the upper side of the shoes with button detailing makes it very attractive.
  • The breathable leather and the built-in arch support of the shoes makes it a good product that everyone wants to buy.

You can also have long-lasting comfort by wearing the shoes with its natural shape. The only disadvantage of the shoes is that it runs small and only consulting for the proper size can give you the right product.

Ryka Influence

All who want to wear athletic shoes will be very happy to hear that they can continue their cross training even with the high arches by using these shoes.

  • The upper side of the shoes is very comfortable and durable because the company has used Flex Foil Technology and Direct-Fuse for creating shoes that are durable.
  • The shoes stand up among the huge number of shoes available in the market. It also has a multi-directional pattern that keeps you grounded for an intense workout.
  • It also provides excellent comfort because of its ultra-plush cushioning.
  • The shoes provide support for the forefoot because of its impact midsole.
  • The bottom of shoes has a multi-directional pattern for maximizing traction.
  • It has the anti-slippage property that makes it suitable for a walk on the slippery surface.
  • It also consists of direct fuse layers that make the insole of the shoes for dispersing weight and all kind of shock on foot.
  • The shoes are very flexible because the company has used Flex Foil technology so your feet can move easily.
  • The synthetic and rubber sole makes the shoes suitable for all who want to exercise.
  • The colorful lace-up section and the blind eyelets make the shoes more attractive.
  • There is the logo of the company on the tongue, and the collar is padded.
  • The insole is bouncy and has a precise return.
  • The weight of the shoes is also light, and you can easily wear it.

The company has called it high impact fitness product for all the enthusiasts who like lateral movements. The only careful consideration is taking care of the size while buying the product as improper size can create inconvenience for you.

Nike Free 5.0

Nike Free is the last unique pair of shoes in our category that has a streamlined design and lightweight. The person can make effortless strides by wearing the shoes and get the comfort one wants while running.

  • It is one of the smallest products with aerodynamic properties.
  • The outer layers and the amazing lining make the shoes more durable.
  • The non-marking outer-sole of the shoes keeps it clean and pristine for the longer term.
  • It has a streamlined design that helps the person wearing it to have a comfortable intense workout. You can run easily and faster by wearing the shoes.
  • The shoes are made from mesh and rubber sole.
  • The shaft of the shoes is 3” from the arch and it is completely breathable.
  • The mesh upper bootie has Flywire in it for creating very secure environment for shoes.
  • It is a complete locked-down fit for foot.
  • The midsole of the shoes have low-profile and the heel is in round shape that encourage the natural way of running.
  • The outsole of the shoes expands because of its tri-star feature, and it also contracts at the toe of the shoe.
  • It provides good flexibility because of its cushioning and sturdy traction.
  • It is lightweight that helps a person easily wear it. It keeps the feet comfortable all the day.
  • It gives a natural extension to the foot while at the same time bettering your strides. It also enhances the runtime and keeps on improving the workouts for maximizing the air resistance and friction.

It is designed for high arches that make it more attractive for people with high arches. You can buy a 1-2 size up for running while wearing the shoes.


Apart from wearing the right shoes, you must go for regular physiotherapy for combating the pain in your foot. You should also walk in a particular manner for correcting the gait and getting the relief. The above-mentioned shoes fall into the category of those shoes that can correct your gait and help you in your daily walk or running. The company has used both latest technology and consultancy from the physiotherapist for correcting your gait with the shoes and encouraging the right posture in your walks. You can get the shoes that fit your size and enjoy the breathable mesh that can prevent your feet from the odor of sweat. Get the comfort by wearing the padded tongue, and the quality cushioned collars for keeping your feet in comfort. All the shoes have shock absorption element that can give you perfect experience in your walks.  The shoes have the superior quality of rubber that helps in extending the life of shoes. The cost of the shoes is not very high as compared to the other shoes, and you can easily buy them within your budget. Give your feet a good environment by wearing the soft and perfect shoes while you go for a walk with your friend. We hope that you like our guide on the best walking shoes for high arches and if you anything on your mind then please feel free to share with us.