Best Wrestling Shoes 2018 Reviewed

Best Wrestling Shoes 2018

Wrestling is one of those sports which are popular among young and old people equally. This sport is also free of gender disparity as you can see both female and male wrestlers competing in the wrestling ring. This sport is also like by most women as well as men. Wrestlers train themselves for years to compete for belts and other prizes. The best part is that a wrestler does not have to have specific outfits to play this sport and he can go in his shorts and can compete for the prize. However, one thing which should be very specific while playing this sport is the pair of best wrestling shoes an athelete is wearing.

Wrestling shoes are used as active wear, and these are meant to make you feel barefoot. These also need to be protecting the wrestler’s feet and have the minimum chance of the wrestler hitting his opponent with his shoes. These shoes are meant to be made lightweight and flexible. Most of the beginner wrestlers find it difficult to find perfect shoes for wrestling that’s why we have made a list of best wrestling shoes available. However, before moving to the list, you should first know the qualities of wrestler shoes.

How to Buy Wrestling Shoes?

It may seem like that shoe is not that much important in wrestling but professional wrestlers know the importance of perfect shoes. You have to be perfectly balanced on your shoes while you wrestle and best wrestling shoes are designed to provide you support and cushioning. Shoes are such an important thing that you will find all categories of wrestling shoes, from beginners to professional. You will feel a huge difference and improvement in your wrestling after using these shoes. There are so many things to consider before buying wrestling shoes, but there are a few things which must not ignore while picking up wrestling shoes.

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Features to look for in Wrestling Shoes

First, you need to get yourself familiarize with the characteristics of wrestling shoes before knowing the tips to get the best wrestling shoes. Following are the main features which should be looked for while buying wrestling shoes.

High Top Ankles

High top ankles should be the preference because it protects the wrestler from damage above the ankle. These are the best choice to avoid any injury when and if your opponent hit you on your ankle.

Traction Soles

Traction is the friction between shoes and the wrestling surface. It is important so that the wrestler does not slip on the floor while wrestling. You have to pick the shoes which have traction-focused soles. Most of the wrestling shoes have rubber soles, and there are others which have studded soles, and these are even better.

Types of Shoe Soles

It is also important to find the best sole which provides you with maximum support and cushioning so you can play without having to worry about getting injured. There are two types of shoe soles available in wrestling shoes.

  1. Split Sole

As the name shows, these shoes have split soles because the sole is made of two separate rubber parts. These are liked by most of the wrestlers because it makes you feel light on the feet. Lightness on feet makes the wrestler quick and makes you overcome your opponents’ move easily, which is the most important quality in wrestling. These shoes are ultra comfortable and also flexible.

  1. Non-Split Sole

The non-split sole is made of single piece of rubber which also provides flexibility and quickness, but these shoes do not provide the quality of lightness on feet. These are not wrestlers’ first choice especially not for professional wrestlers. However, beginners like these shoes the most because of the durability these shoes offer. You can train for a longer period of time than you can do in split sole shoes. Split sole shoes are best for professional wrestlers who need to be quicker in their competition.

Tips to Choose the Top Wrestling Shoes

You can have a lot of options while purchasing wrestling shoes. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right ones. Here a few things which should always be considered while buying wrestling shoes. People who still have doubt about their purchasing abilities should at least consult someone with more experience. You can trust the guide given below while purchasing the shoes.

Shoe Fit

Sometimes, the shoes are not true to their sizes; one should always consider the fitting before buying a shoe. The reason is that misfit shoes can distract you while you are wrestling and can have major (perhaps disastrous) effects on your competition.


It depends on the time you want to use that shoes for. If you are planning to become a professional wrestler, you should consider a durable pair of shoes which can be in your possessions for the year. However, beginners and trainers can go for less durable, cheaper pairs if they want. Soles of these shoes should also be considered while looking for the durable pair of shoes.


As it has mentioned earlier that split-soles are better in every way because these soles provide flexibility, swiftness, and precision. On the other hand, non-split soles are durable but provide less flexibility which is probably unacceptable for pros.


Wrestling shoes come in both mesh and leather. If you go for leather, it will protect your feet better but make your feet feel hotter. Mesh, on the other hand, is good if you want to keep your feet cool.

Style and Color

It is not that important of a factor, but you should go for the color which suits you the best and pick your favorite color as it makes you confident.

5 Best Wrestling Shoes Reviews

Here is a list of the best wrestling shoes in our opinion. Take a look and decide for yourself which pair of shoes suits you the best.

Adidas Combat Speed

As the name represents, these shoes are flexible and made for wrestling and keep you light on your feet.


When it comes to looking and style, we all know Adidas provides its customers with the best style possible. Same goes for this exquisite piece as you can see this pair of shoes looks incredibly amazing in black and yellow. These are made of leather and have a nonsplit sole which means a single piece of rubber is used in the sole. These are durable shoes but are not flexible. Velcro ankle straps make it secure and easier fit than laces. These are available on Amazon, and you can purchase it easily. Most of the reviews of these shoes are positive, and customers seemed to be satisfied with these shoes.


There are a few things which need to be appreciated separately about these shoes.

  • The ankle support is maximized.
  • These shoes are extremely lightweight and weigh only 7.2 ounces which mean you would not feel a thing and can play with ease and comfort.
  • Non-split soles make these shoes durable so you can use it for longer periods of time.
  • The style of these shoes is modern and amazing which makes it appealing to younger customers and beginners.
  • Upper mesh is used for better breathability, so your feet don’t sweat while wrestling.
  • These are a perfect fit, and the term is used as “sock-like fit.”


Like every other item, these shoes also have a few drawbacks.

  • Single sole does not offer lightness on feet.
  • The color options are limited to only 3 instead of 27 which were available before for the version 3 of these shoes.
  • Some of the customers complained about the grip.

ASICS Aggressor

The name shows the ability which is adopted by most of the wrestlers, and that is aggression. You need to be aggressive in the ring, or you will lose the competition. It is one of the best wrestling shoes and choice of many wrestlers till now.


These shoes are specifically designed for pros and the wrestlers who have been in this field for a very long period of time. It is known to be the most durable shoes out there. One of the customers reviewed the product and said that his son wrestled about 100 matches in those shoes. According to the customers, shoes’ sole started wearing out after the 100th match, but the upper portion is still in better shape. This pair of shoes has everything you could ask for in wrestling shoes. It supports duo-sole which means maximized grip and better flexibility. It will keep you on your toe as you have to be real quick during your match. This pair of shoes is a little expensive, but you can tell after using it that the money is totally worth it.


We admire these shoes because of following qualities.

  • The shoes are extremely lightweight and weigh only 8.4 ounces, and you don’t have to worry about the heavy soles during your match.
  • You have a little wide range of color to pick from.
  • Duosole’s outsole provides a firm grip and higher flexibility.
  • Lace garage will not let anyone see your laces.
  • Escaine upper provide you maximum comfort.
  • A single layer of mesh in tongue gives breathability, and your feet don’t sweat.


These are one of the best shoes available but still, have a few drawbacks.

  • A few customers complained that the shoe does not remain true to its size.


Adidas HVC


These are the best one for beginners who are just trying to get adjusted to their fields or training to become a better and great wrestler. When you are just a beginner, you don’t have much to invest in things like shoes. That’s when you can choose Adidas HVC which is quite cheaper than rest of the shoes with same qualities.


These will provide you an amazing deal in a quite reasonable price. These shoes have been around for quite some time but now upgraded to V2 and updated with better material and qualities. These shoes have an amazing grip which means you don’t have to worry about slipping in the ring while wrestling. It has elasticized lace straps to give you even better grip. Mesh material is used in these shoes so your feet can breathe and do not sweat a lot. Adidas has also worked to make these shoes durable, and that’s why they used single sold design.


These are a few things which are the most amazing qualities of this shoe.

  • Breathability is higher which means better grip on the map, less slipping and hence a better competition.
  • Lace straps have elastic in it and make the grip firmer.
  • Durability is higher because of the single sole design which means you can play a number of wrestling matches in these shoes.
  • These are cheaper and cost only 60 bucks which are a pretty good deal.
  • These are known to be used for multiple purposes like weightlifting, kickboxing, and even MMA fighting.
  • Sock-like fit.


There are a few things which affected the popularity of these shoes.

  • Single sole-design gives less flexibility and no lightness on feet.
  • The design seems pretty boring to a few young wrestlers.


Adidas Adizero


When it comes to shoes, especially wrestling shoes Adidas seem to be playing a vital role for wrestlers all around the world. Adidas Adizero is known to be the single most popular and signature wrestling shoes.


These are specifically designed for wrestlers, and any wrestler whether a beginner or a professional can use these shoes. However, these shoes are for people who are dedicated and committed to wrestling. These are known to be fit like a sock. Some of the wrestlers have also pointed out that the shoes have an amazing fit and you feel broken-in as soon as you take these out of the box and wear it. Price of these shoes is pretty reasonable, and you only have to spend $100 to get the best feel during wrestling. It has internal die cut EVA midsole which means you get the best. It has improved grip which also gives you swiftness and speed.


Adidas Adizero has following pros.

  • Extremely lightweight and weighs only 8.3 ounces which means you will be quicker on your feet than your opponent.
  • These are known to be tested by World’s top wrestlers, and some of them have also given input in designing them which means you have official wrestling shoes.
  • Reasonable pricing and you can see the best quality shoes for a quite lower price than you ever imagined.
  • Some of the customers have reported these to be sock-like fit.
  • You can choose from a large color range of 11 combinations.
  • The grip is admirable and has fewer chances of you slipping in the ring.
  • These are durable.
  • These can be used for weightlifting too.


It has following drawbacks.

  • Breathability is not as higher as other shoes.


ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoes

These are amazing shoes for beginners. These are also reviewed by customers as best one for the people who are just getting started with wrestling.


The shoes have better fit and grip and become totally fit after a few days of wearing. There is a problem that the shoe does not run true to its size. These are extremely light, and that’s why these make you quicker than you thought. Ankle support is not appreciable but still alright for most of the people. Durability is considered to be poor as one customer reviewed that these shoes last for half a season of wrestling. The durability review showed that these are not meant for wrestlers who want to keep a same pair of shoes for a longer period of time. The upper layer is made of mesh which is breathable and allows airflow so that your feet don’t sweat during the game.


The shoes have following pros.

  • It comes at a pretty reasonable price, so it is a good deal for beginners or for the people who do not want to keep shoes for a longer period of time.
  •  Breathability is good, so your feet don’t sweat while playing.


These shoes have following drawbacks.

  • Ankle support could be better which affect the grip of these shoes consequently.
  • Durability is lower, and these shoes do not last very long.




All of these shoes are considered to be the best selling shoes and have amazing qualities. The detailed review of features along with pros and cons above will help you in making an informed decision so you can get the best product that will suit your needs. However, you should always consider your needs and requirement while purchasing these shoes. Every one of us has a different budget, personal likes, and dislikes which affect your decision and choices of these shoes. You can buy any of these best wrestling shoes from Amazon and get ready for an amazing game of wrestling.