Best Zumba Shoes Reviews

With the advancement of technology, we keep finding out the ways to do more and more stuff with less and less effort. As a result, we have found machines to do almost everything for us so we can sit back and relax. However, the sedentary lifestyle has affected humans badly, and now we are going back to rigorous exercise regimens and more physically demanding activities. In this every growing world we have come to know the importance of exercise, and we try to stay as fit as possible with different types of exercises. Now the exercises are even more advanced, and you don’t have to do boring things during exercise.

Now you can dance away all of your fat with the help of these amazing exercises, and Zumba is one of them. You can learn this dance and exercise with it every day or whenever you want. It will show you the amazing effects on your body after a few days, and you can also have a lot of fun while doing Zumba. You need to have a specific set of shoes to go for Zumba. However, before knowing anything about those shoes first, you need to know about Zumba and how it is useful for you.

best zumba shoes

Best Zumba Shoes – Explained

What is Zumba?

It is a dance method used to stay fit and energetic. It is a form of exercise fitness program which was designed by a choreographer from Colombia. It is a combination of hip hop, salsa, samba and other Latin dancing techniques. It is mostly performed on Latin music or specific music tunes. It is a complete dance fitness program including squats and lunges and what not. According to Wikipedia, almost 15 million people take Zumba classes every week in more than 200,000 locations in 180 countries. If you are bored with the routine Yoga or slow steady exercises, then you must try Zumba. Who wouldn’t love an exercise regimen including rigorous dance routine with music? It would look like a party. Most important part is that you can be a beginner or an expert level fitness freak and you can still enjoy Zumba. Gather your friends with you and try Zumba to achieve your fitness goals.

How is it performed?

As much fun as Zumba sounds, you still need to practice and learn about the rhythmic moves of Zumba. It includes interval training (which means you have to use the fast and slow rhythm of movements systematically) and resistance training. Zumba also includes aerobics, and you could understand that it includes at least 2.5 hours of modest aerobic activity or 1.25 hours of robust aerobic activity. Every one of us knows the health benefits of aerobics as it reduces many health problems to a minimum and also keeps your weight at an optimal level. It also has positive effects on you and mood and strengthens your heart. You can take health benefits of Zumba just like aerobics if you do it regularly.


If you don’t feel comfortable with certain moves in Zumba, you should either modify it or talk to your trainer as continue doing that move may aggravate your condition. Always try to talk to your trainer about the proper technique and do not do it unless you are sure about it and try to catch the proper from.

Health Benefits of Zumba

Regular Zumba workout does not only provide you with physical benefits but you will also emotionally positive effects of Zumba if you do it regularly and enjoy it. Here are a few benefits of Zumba.

  • It is mostly based on aerobics, that’s why it is easy to learn the move and also the Latin music makes it even more interesting.
  • Performing Zumba with music makes it fun and easier while music also boosts your mood.
  • People who find gyms boring because of the dull environment will find Zumba interesting and easy to learn.
  • It makes you lose weight quickly and easily because it burns calories faster as it is a full body workout and every muscle in your body is used during Zumba.
  • The developed interest and the fun that comes with it make Zumba interesting. Anyone will find dancing in the group for losing weight more interesting and easy to do than walking or Yoga.
  • You can also do it in your home using DVDs, and you don’t have to go to the gym.


Like many benefits of Zumba, you have to watch out for a few disadvantages too.

  • If you don’t do regular Zumba sessions, you will lose any benefits you have taken previously from it.
  • It makes you lose weight faster, but it also makes you gain weight faster if you don’t continue it.
  • Chances of injury are always there due to falling down, tripping or slipping.
  • Not suitable for elderly adults.
  • It is not much peaceful for the people who prefer simple and quite exercise routines like Yoga. Other people who don’t like noises or excessive movement will also not like Zumba.

Like every other exercise regiment, Zumba has its benefits and disadvantages; you just have to assess your needs and then decide for yourself if you want to opt for Zumba.

Why do you need special Zumba shoes?

Every exercise like running, sports and gyms need special footwear. Similarly, Zumba also needs special footwear, and the reason is special demands of your feet during Zumba. For example, your running shoes have a firm grip, but you will need a little flexibility while performing Zumba. You will realize after one or two sessions of Zumba that you require shoes specifically designed for Zumba because of the specific moves.

4 Best Zumba Shoe Reviews

In order to help you find the best possible shoes for Zumba practices, here is a list of a few of the best Zumba shoes. You can find the features, pros, and cons of Zumba shoes and find the one which is according to your need.

Zumba Z1 Dance Shoe

As the name represents, these shoes are designed for Zumba dances, and you will find these exactly true to its purpose.

Product Description

These shoes are designed after keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a Zumba dancer. You should feel free to try these shoes at least once while performing Zumba. These are extremely lightweight, and you can dance for as long as you want without feeling a thing on your feet. The exterior is made up of synthetic structure and made of a net like pattern and gives your footwear a modern look with Zumba logo in white and black color combination. The two pivot points and rubber outsole provides you with a firm grip, so you don’t fall off during dancing.


  • Zumba LLC has created these shoes themselves, and that’s why you will find everything you need to have in your Zumba shoes.
  • The arch support offered by Zumba Z1 dance shoes is absolutely amazing, and they fit your feet perfectly.
  • They are lightweight and weighs only 1.5 pounds which means you can float around in these shoes.
  • The grip is better as compared to other shoe available in the market and you don’t have to worry about tripping or falling.
  • You can easily slide away due to the two pivot points on the outsole, and there will be less pressure on your ankles and knees.
  • Fitting in shoes for people with wide feet is no problem if you are using Zumba Z1 Dance shoes because these have fantastic fit even for people with wide feet.
  • The design is modern and looks good, and you can use these outside of dance studios like for running or jogging.


  • You might find these shoes a little expensive than its counterparts.
  • You might need better color options and exterior designing.
  • These shoes do not offer enough padding to protect you from sores in case of long hours of Zumba practice.

Capezio DS24 Rockit

These are specifically designed for women and are amazing for dancers and people who like exercises like Zumba.

Product Description

The material used in these shoes is mostly synthetics and is amazing for most of the dancers. The breathable mesh used in these shoes is great for the breathability of your feet. These are also very lightweight, and it is easier to move your feet around in these shoes. These are also dance shoes made for the average dancer. The Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneakers feature boxed toe for toe stand and many perforations for the best dance moves. The shoes also provide extra padding for enhanced protection and are still lighter in weight.


  • The best thing about these shoes is lighter weight and highly flexible.
  • Breathability is higher because of the perforations all along the shoes including sides, tongues, toes and even the arch which keep your feet cool and fresh.
  • These are easily laced up by using only one string, so you don’t have to go through much trouble.
  • The enhanced and thick padding make it better for Zumba as you will be safe from injury due to extra thick padding on tongue and collar.
  • The insoles are removable, and you can choose to put any other kind of insoles you want.


  • The shoes are not true to size, and that’s why most of the customers face difficulties.
  • These are not suitable if your shoes got swollen during exercises.
  • There is no arch support.
  • You can’t use these outside of dance studios.

Ryka Exertion Shoe

Ryka’s shoes are specifically made of Zumba dancing and for women who love Zumba. These are for women who like confident and bold choices.

Product Description

The material used is synthetic leather and mesh which is not for breathability but also add to the modern looks of these shoes. These are so much light in weight that you won’t feel a thing while wearing these shoes. Padding around the tongue and the collar gives you extra protection even when you face an injury while performing Zumba. The outer sole is made of rubber with a traction pivot point helps you stay flexible and move around easily. It also provides the arch support which means it keeps your feet stable even during twisted moves.


  • There are a number of color options to choose from.
  • These shoes are extremely lightweight and weigh only 6.7 ounces which makes it extremely easy to move your feet around during Zumba.
  • Rubber sole provides a better grip even during leaps and skids.
  • The enhanced padding reduces the chances of injury and Achilles tendinitis.
  • These are especially good for Zumba and many other high impact exercises.
  • You can use it outside of dance studios like for running and exercise.


  • These are a little expensive, and not everyone can afford it.
  • People with wide feet reported problems of adjustment with these shoes.
  • These shoes are not always true to size.

Bloch Boost Dance Shoes

These are specifically designed for dance lovers and people who would like to try Zumba as their exercise regimen.

Product Description

The exterior is made of mesh and suede which is an excellent blend of breathability and style. The outer part of these shoes gives a nice, sporty and rugged look. Soles are man-made which are almost 1 and a half inches in length. You can lace these shoes up according to your requirement using the variable lacing system. It uses DRT cushioning system which is an excellent shock absorbent so you could dance away all of your weight without having to worry about injuring your feet. The cushioning technology also provides you with flexibility and ease to move your feet freely. The pivot point in these shoes allows you to do a 360 degrees maneuver.


  • These are cheaper compared to the other shoes of the same quality and have amazing quality in such reasonable pricing.
  • Strong man-made soles help you dance and enjoy it with ease and comfort.
  • The split sole also makes it easier to jump, and it also does not put much pressure on your toes.
  • The sole also provides better grip, so you don’t fall off by losing control while dancing.
  • The sole of these shoes is also comfortable, so you don’t get hurt or have pain in your feet and legs.


  • Not always true to size and you are going to face difficulty if you are ordering a pair online.
  • You don’t have any color options except for the signature pink one.

How to Choose the Best Zumba Shoes?

You should always consult your trainer about the brands of Zumba before buying the specific shoes. However, there are a few things which you should keep in mind while buying Zumba shoes and it will help you find the best ones.

The Pivot Point

Always try to find the shoes which have pivot point because it allows you to turn which is the most important thing in Zumba dancing. Not having a pivot point in your shoes makes you damage your legs if you try to twist those.

Shock Absorbance

Soles of shoes should be shock absorbent because it is energetic exercise and you can severely damage your feet if your shoes have thin soles. Thicker soles stop bruising which can occur with thinner soles.

Light Weight

You are going to move your feet a lot, and that’s why you need to find shoes which are lightweight, and you can easily move around in them.


Always try to put your comfort as your foremost priority because even with the best of features, it is of no use if it is not comfortable in your feet.

The Heel Counter

The heel counter supports your heel, and you need to find the shoes which provide support to the feet.


There are a lot of shoes available which can help you practice Zumba with ease and comfort. However, we have provided you with the list as mentioned earlier so you can make an informed decision about your choices. Although every Zumba shoes need same qualities to be best for the user but there are still a few things which are specific to the certain person. You should always consider buying the shoes which are best for you and are according to your requirement.

However, you should also keep in mind that even with the right pair of shoes there are limits to how much longer you can practice Zumba or any other exercise for that matter. Always consult your trainer for your dance moves and always check with him/her if you are facing any difficulty adapting to a specific move. These shoes only provide you with better support for your dancing but choosing the right moves will help you lose weight faster and let you have greater benefits of Zumba. Choose the pair of the best zumba shoes for you and enjoy Zumba better.