ftiness secretsOn the surface level, there seems to be no fitness secrets all.

But let me ask you this question, do you know that common sense is still uncommon? And that my friend is what makes some seemingly simple stuff to be perceived as real, exclusive secrets. You can call them principles if you like.

If you understand the concept of crowd mentality and contrarian principles, you already know what I’m talking about.

Without being told, I’m aware of your dream to join the top 10% or even 1% of high performers in your chosen career field. Probably, you have this wish that one of the highly successful individuals you know could somehow reveal their fitness secrets to you.

Here is one fact you can take away from this post – you don’t need to become as successful as they are before you can make your own routines even with low cost and affordable fitness equipments.

When you see Albert Einstein’s statement that reads like ‘I had no mental powers than anyone else in the world’; then you could become more curios that you were before choosing to read this post today.

There are two reasons that make some of these things to be like real secrets.

First, you could be completely ignorant of what high performers do behind the scenes in terms of fitness exercise routines. Because you think that regular exercise has nothing in common with high achievement, you don’t make any commitment at all.

Yours could be a simple case of negligence.

In this scenario, you know that exercising is good for you. But somehow, you still don’t take it serious. Consequently, the behavioral triggers in your environment defeats you more than you realize.

And then in each passing day, you are left wondering just like me – why majority of the seven billion people on earth doesn’t behave what they know and somehow believe.

Fitness Secretes of Higher Performers: The Common Sense Advantage

#1: Zero Dependence On Motivation

At a very young most of grew up with the maxim that ‘knowledge is power’. Hence, the things we know make us powerful enough to accomplish some things. In that same angle, we also know that motivation is important for any significant personal accomplishment.

Based on this perspective, most of us think – rationally – that it is the resources in our possession that gives us the biggest advantage to accomplish big goals.

This is why some of us often wait and hope for perfect volume of resources, sometimes till the end of a lifetime, before pursuing the dream that matter most to us.

Unfortunately, this kind of waiting prevents people from pursuing the opportunities within their reach with the resources currently available.

However, science had brought into our awareness the fact that motivation and will power are definite forms of resources. Contrary to our wishful thinking, these resources often get depleted when exposed to the pressure of daily life. Here am referring specifically to social and financial pressures with forceful behavioral triggers that come with them.

Between these lines and the unfolding perspectives that follow, lies that reason why majority of people practically rational adults don’t stick to their fitness related new years’ resolutions.

Another interesting fact is that our sub conscious brain is more powerful than our conscious brain where we process and make use of knowledge.

So if you depend on the weaker brain, you are at a big disadvantage.

According to Charles Duhigg in his book, the power of habit; ‘close to 90% of what we do in each passing day is a result of habit’.

With this insight, high achievers leverage on their sub conscious mind to form strong fitness habits that lasts longer than what an average career person might commit to.

Hint: Don’t depend 100% on motivation. Form good fitness habits and let them take over. In my opinion, habit is like a bus or airplane. Choose one and then the corresponding destination in view gets closer with the passage of time.

#2: Commitment To Mental Toughness

Get this in your head, mental toughness is not a kind of luxury or resource that can be given to you by anybody. You can’t even buy that in any marketplace.

What is mental toughness anyway?

Simply put, it is the resilience and fortitude to retain control of your mind during and through tough experiences. This concept actually originated from the sporting fields, but people are now finding and pronouncing its relevance in other areas. I guess this is happening because it’s now proven to be beneficial.

Just pause for a while and imagine what the opposite could be.

The point here is that mental toughness forms part of the reason ‘why’ high achievers commit to their fitness routines longer than everyone else.

Said differently, the clarity and emotional connection of your purpose to pursuit somehow determines how long you will stay doing the same thing. Understandably, success and growth is not about up, up, up and up every time. And outstanding achievers know this.

Many brilliant business people have failed many times before they become successful. So don’t let adversity get you down. Instead devote your energy to focusing on the future – Richard Branson

So tell, can you do this with the opposite of mental toughness? If your answer is now, take note of this – physical exercise routines can as well help to build mental toughness.

Here is one good reason you should consider making the commitment to buy affordable running shoes that will get you set on the road.

Hint: Your ‘Why Power’ really need to be strong enough in order to main the kind of fitness secrets that enables high performers do those thing that amaze you every day. So never bargain for short term quick fixes and results again.

#3: Proactivity

The word proactive is defined as ‘creating or controlling situation instead of responding to one after it has happened’. At a certain point in my life, I just realized that whatever makes me reactive disconnects me with my personal power. Here am referring specifically about the power to choose my own thoughts, perspective and emotion regardless of what is happening in my immediate environment.

That’s what a lot of people often refer to as the power of choice.

In his book, the seven habits of highly effective people, Stephen R. Covey stated that ‘proactive people lives life out of their vision – the way they choose. While reactive people live life out of their memory – the way the world and circumstances choose for them.

For these later set of people, it means living life the same way they have always lived; and with the same people in the same environment.

Practically, making a long term commitment to selected fitness exercise routines is a form of proactive endeavor for high achievers. Consequently, the fitness habits they form out of these proactive endeavors often reflect on their career life.

Instead of accepting and becoming a victim of undesirable circumstances that fate forces on them, they choose a career growth path that unfolds out of their vision, not memory.

Hint: High achievers often act more and reacts less. Even when they are reactive, it arises out of positives choices based on strong values and habits that helps instead of hindering them. Go learn how to choose and set triggers for positive habits and you’ll understand more of what I mean here.

As noted earlier, common sense is really uncommon.

On the surface level, these seem like fitness secrets at all. But if you continue to ignore the benefits of regular exercise embraced by high performers, your biggest goals may as well remain unaccomplished for a long time to come.

In today’s modern world, knowledge has become cheap. The real lack revolves around wisdom and creative power.

So you could have all of the knowledge, talent and resources you want, but without strong routines meant for long term outcomes, you may end up with bigger dreams and regrets with small unsatisfying accomplishments in your career field or entire life time.