Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

Whether you are going to a formal function or getting ready for attending an office, a pair of classy dress shoes enhances your personality. If you choose an average dress but add on to the most comfortable dress shoes for men, it is going to give you an impressive personality from head to toe. The best shoes are the one which gives you a comfortable feel while walking. The shoes must fit on your feet in a way that it provides an accurate foot arch support. This arch support helps in reducing the chances of developing pain from the inappropriate posture of foot in shoes.

most comfortable dress shoes for men


Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men Who Attend Meeting & Formal Events

Now let us come to the most comfortable dress shoes for men which we have tried and reviewed. These include dress shoes from different top brands. Choosing the best comfortable dress shoes is though decision because of the wide range of variety available. If you are not able to choose the best one for you and need help, then go through our full article.


Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men – Top 7 Reviewed

Calvin Klein Bram Diamond Shoes


Calvin Klein is a known name in making of high quality and premium products including shoes. If you want to have a formal look with exceptional comfort than CK’s Bram diamond is best for you. These will enhance your personality and will help in making you stand out. Its smooth finish makes these cap-toed oxford shoes is the best choice for those who want to go in the business meeting or any formal function.

  • These premium looking shoes are made of textured diamond patterned leather to give it an expensive look. You will feel yourself indulged in great comfort when you combine these Bram diamond shoes with your best pants.


  • To give your feet extra support and allow them to rest comfortably on the floor a soft, comfy padded foot bed is kept inside. It allows you to attend long hours of meetings without straining your feet.


  • To enhance the durability, its sole is made of high-quality rubber so while walking the noise of your steps is reduced.


Hush Puppies Leverage Slip-On Loafer


You all have heard the name of hush puppies in the shoe industry. Back in 1958 it first came up with the most comfortable suede shoes, and from then it has been a favorite brand for people who love comfortable and contemporary footwear. If you are searching dress shoes which can be used as formal wear during daily office job with the maximum comfort, then these slip-on loafers are the best choice for you.


  • These ultra-lightweight slip-on loafers are made of waterproof leather which can keep your feet dry in rainy weather.


  • The extra cushioning support on the tongue and collar provides your feet extra comfort and support.


  • The slip-on design makes it easy to put on or put off your shoes in no time in comparison with the lace up shoes.


  • The rubber sole and the gel pad under the heels add in support for the feet if your job is of standing for long hours without fatiguing or straining your feet.


Clarks Unstructured Un. Sheridan Slip-On Shoes


Next dress shoes which manage to take the third place by comfortability is Clarks Unstructured Un. Sheridan slip-on shoes. The name of Clarks in premium dress shoes industry is well known. It has been providing the versatile and comfortable dress shoes for men for 100 years. The unstructured un. Sheridan slip-on shoes provides the best and ultimate comfort for your feet without exhausting them from long standing or walking hours.


  • These are made with the premium grain textured leather top and lined internally with the lambskin. The lambskin lining is protective of your skin and prevents the development of blisters and irritation by wearing for too long.


  • Slip-on category dress shoes are easy to wear and take off.


  • The highly ventilated internal material does not let the internal moisture stuck inside and let the air breathe in and out giving your feet the refreshing feel.


  • The shoes have an ultra-flex sole you can walk easily without making your feet fatigued.


  • These shoes come in a wide range of size in comparison to any other brand’s dress shoes.


Rockport Essential Details Waterproof Wingtip Oxford Shoes


One of the most comfortable and unique dress shoes is by Rockport which are designed to be used in any weather conditions. With the incorporation of waterproof material in manufacturing these wingtip oxford shoes is a perfect fit for the individuals who want the stylish look with ultimate comfort.


  • It is available in two different colors to go with your outfit that is black and burgundy shade.


  • The waterproof leather makes, and the seam sealing lets you use it in the wet or rainy weather confidently. It does not let the water to pour in and make your feet or socks damp


  • The shock absorption technology in the heels allows you to walk or stand for long hours without the feeling of fatigued feet.


  • The rubber sole, padded collar, and lightweight are the main features which make it be the top picks in the list of most comfortable dress shoes.


ECCO Men’s New Jersey Lace Oxford Shoes


ECCO is a new but well-known name in producing durable and superior quality footwear. ECCO new jersey oxford shoes are the best pick if you want to get the shoes which go well with formal and casual outfits. They fit snuggly on your feet whether you are getting ready for a business meeting or hanging out with friends and makes you outstanding.


  • These shoes are made up of premium quality grain textured leather top to give a feel of elegance.


  • Lace-up shoes for adjustable fitting and a bicycle toe style makes it be used for both casual and formal wear.


  • Comfy footpad and the padded collar is designed to provide maximum comfort to your feet without making them tired after long working hours.


  • Below the cushioned foot bed is the moisture absorbent insole layer. It keeps your feet dry by preventing moisture to trap inside and maintain proper air circulation.


  • Another unique feature you find in the shoes by ECCO is Polyurethane sole which is more durable and supportive than rubber soles. This sole helps to absorb shocks and allows you to walk confidently without losing traction with the floor.


Bostonian Ipswich lace-up Oxford Shoes


Bostonian is also a famous name in producing high-quality dress shoes for men for over 100 years. Bostonian Ipswich lace-up oxford shoes provide you with the shoes which are elegant yet comfortable dress shoes. These are made with the top-notch leather material making it fine for attending business meetings.


  • It is made up of the grain textured leather with the smooth and premium finish. The breathable material used inside helps in keeping our feet refreshed and dry.


  • The extra cushioning in the collar and tongue provides the exceptional comfort to the feet.


  • It comes with the removable insole which can be used when the utmost comfort is needed and removed when not needed.


  • The lace-up design can provide the freedom for adjustment, and the rubber sole lets you walk and stand confidently without losing traction.


Nunn Bush Bleeker St Slip-On Shoes


Another one in the list of most comfortable dress shoes is Nunn Bush Bleeker slip-on which is more or less similar to Bostonian. If you want to get all the day long comfort with the contemporary style the Bleeker slip-on shoes is the best choice. Made of high-quality leather and with extra inner cushioning and padding providing the utmost comfort to the feet that one can ever think of.


  • It is made with the high quality glossy smooth leather upper with fine stitching.


  • Inner lining and padded tongue and collar add into the all-day comfort for the feet. The lining is made aesthetically to reduce the irritation and blisters formation by absorbing extra moisture.


  • The foot bed is designed with the comfort gel which snuggly adapts the feet anatomy to give you a comfy and cozy feel.


  • A unique thing is the KORE technology incorporation in the midsoles which provides extra comfort and shock absorption. It makes these shoes the best choice for the individuals whose job is to stand or walk a lot.


  • The rubber outsole is made to be slip resistant and durable providing good traction and support.

Other Types of Dress Shoes

most comfortable dress shoes for men

From the variety of dress shoe types, every individual has its own liking to get maximum comfort-ability while wearing them. The usual common types of most selling dress shoes for men are:




Monk strap



Chelsea Boot


Shopping for the most comfortable dress shoes which can be used for your daily office work or to attend a formal function or wedding can be the toughest job. We will tell you which shoes to consider while choosing the most comfortable dress shoes as our reviews are based on personal experience.

most comfortable dress shoes


The most comfortable dress shoes vary from individual to individual and according to their job. Some have the job of standing whole day while others want to buy dress shoes to attend the function. However, our comprehensive list of comfortable dress shoes is universal in the terms that these shoes are classy, contemporary and can be used for any formal function or office. All these provide ultimate support and comfort to your feet beside protecting your feet skin. We also have kept in mind the budget while making this list all these shoes are not going to be too heavy on your pocket. We are sure that our guide will help you in choosing the best and most comfortable dress shoes for yourself.